21 August 2015

My Insta Life: July

Team Leader Date At Godiva Cafe In Harrods // Epic Lightning Storm in London // One Too Many Pornstar Martinis
Lovebox // Disney Sunday // Late Night Reading
Baking Slutty Brownies // Grey Nails For A Grey Day // Gorgeous Dinner At Launceston Place

This month has been chaotic. I feel like I have been out and about so much that I haven't had much time to actually stop and do anything. On top of that work has been manic but I have been making an effort to leave on time. Again I wasn't too active on Instagram which is a bit weird as I had a lot to put on there although looking through my phone pics they mostly include drinks of some sort which can get a bit tedious. Drinks and food. Yawn.
Here's some of what I got up to in July...

We finally have a full crew of Team Leaders in my department so decided to have some girl time at the Godiva Cafe in Harrods. I actually only had a few truffles as I was trying to stay away from carbs but the other girls highly recommend the crepes. 

There was an epic lightning storm in London which was amazing to watch but we didn't get the best view from our flat in Walthamstow. It's the only time I've been particularly jealous of people living in high rises. The poor boyf struggled to take a good pic of forked lightning all night!

Went for cocktails at Be At One in hammersmith with some old work colleagues and got stupidly drunk. I didn't even realise until I got the tube home that I was tipsy. Those cocktails creep up on you!

Went to Lovebox this year and felt a little bit underwhelmed. A lot of the day was spent waiting around either to meet up with people, to get a drink, to go to the loo etc. The two worst things were the lack of signal which managed to drain my battery in an hour and the dust. Jesus Christ the dust. It was insane. Girls were walking around in flip flops with toes that looked like dirty potatoes. It was grosse. When I got home and got showered it was the best feeling. I cleaned and double cleaned and probably went over a third time just to make sure all of the dust went down the drain 

Decided to take the plunge and read another Rainbow Rowell book. After the heartbreak of Eleanor & Park I wasn't sure I could take it but I went for it. I have found that Rainbow loves to leave us with a nice frustrating ending. Good book but the end was so annoying as it felt so incomplete. I guess that's a sign of a good book though - leave em wanting more!

Anyone who knows me will know that the idea of me baking is hilarious! I cannot cook. Or more I just don't cook. I have attempted to bake before and it has not really ended great. This time round it was a success! Slutty brownies from The Londoner blog went down a treat at work. I shall put more in a later post. 

The boyf and I went for a lovely meal at Launceston Place near Gloucester Road. The food was so tasty (as you'd expect from a Michelin Star restaurant), service was brilliant, and the wine matching was on point. It lacked a little bit of atmosphere due to it being a Sunday night and all but I loved every minute. 

I'd like to say that August has settled down a bit but it really hasn't. I'm off to Oxford Summer School Academy tomorrow which is going to be epic. Watch this space for more info. 

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