8 July 2015

My Insta Life: June

Lovely Sunny London // OPI AW15 Event // Ice Cream Cone Nails
Canal Walk // La Trompette // Call Me The Godmother
Breakfast Club // Toot Toot! // Hogwarts!!

In typical me fashion I wasn't too active on Instagram last month. I was signed in to my Dahlia Nails account as we finally hit the 10K mark so I was busy monitoring that. Unlike Twitter, Instagram don't make it easy to switch between accounts so I tend to end up posting on one or the other. Saying that I did get up to some stuff so I thought I'd post for you more of an iPhone round-up for the month of June. 

One of the most fun things I did in June was go to the Warner Brothers Studios in Watford to the Harry Potter sets. I was so excited beforehand and although it didn't disappoint I think I kind of expected it to be more like the Florida theme park, a bit more interactive. It was good to see all of the sets though and actually think about the hard work that went into making the books come alive on screen. 
I picked up South Of The Border, West Of The Sun whilst I was in New York and got to reading it last month. I loved it. I'm a huge Murakami fan anyway and love most of his works. I just love the way he writes. He can write the most mundane things but they really resonate with me and the moods I get in sometimes. This novel has some mixed reviews on Amazon but I have come to expect that with Murakami's works; a lot of people feel that he is overrated. Not me. The quote I snapped is kind of how I feel I come across sometimes. Hopefully! 

I hope you all had a great time with life in the month on June. July is looking to be a pretty good month for me too. Just booked flights to Berlin for September - woohoo!

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