5 July 2015

Lazy Sunday Morning

I first smelt this fragrance on my last trip to New York whilst lingering around a Sephora trying not to buy everything in sight. I persuaded myself not to buy it as I had already spent a small fortune on beauty products but I had been thinking about it ever since. The smell of freshly laundered sheets kept calling to me so when I saw the bottle behind a glass cabinet in Harrods my impulsive nature came back and I bought it. There wasn't even a tester where I could try it again before taking the plunge. Nope. Straight in with the buy. No turning back. 

Thankfully I still love this perfume. To me it smells like laundry. To the boyf it smells like Turkish delight. It changes on the skin as the day goes by which I assume is the point of it. I'm not really a huge perfume nut who knows the difference between top notes, bottom notes (is that a thing?) and any other note that a fragrance might contain. I do, however, have a nose and I like to smell good and I like how this smells. 

I haven't actually had all that lazy of a Sunday. I have some new post ideas so I've been busy taking pics so that I can start writing some content that isn't my Insta life (although there is an Insta round up to come!). 

Hope you've all had a lovely Sunday. 

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