31 May 2015

My Insta Life: May

Perfect Hangover Food // Neon Jesus // Bushwick Days
Unicordion // New York I Love You // Brooklyn
American Treats // Flamingo Nails // 5 Year Journal

Starting the month with a hangover is probably not the best idea. I had to work that day too which was painful. On the plus side it was a Saturday and a Bank Holiday weekend so the Tube was dead meaning I could have a nice, quiet nap on the way in to the office. I also didn't feel too bad about gorging on a Filet-O-Fish from Maccy Ds. Nom.

A big part of May for me was taken up thinking of and going on my trip to New York. I wrote all about it in my last post so won't regurgitate too much here. All I will say is that I seem to have left my heart there yet again and am already planning on going back. 

Still working hard on my nail blog. It takes up a lot of time but I am still really enjoying it. It's such a good outlet for my creativity and even when it's a bit stressful trying to come up with original designs the success is rewarding.

Last little pic for the month is of a new journal I bought: Q&A A Day: 5 Year Journal. When I was in New York I realised that I wanted to start doing a lot more to get myself mind and body healthy. Everyone there seemed to be really active be it running, gyming, playing baseball on the weekend and it made me realise that that's the kind of lifestyle I want. Getting fit is just one part of it, I also want to do more of the things I love like painting, reading, and writing. Good times ahead!

How was everyone else's May?

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