24 May 2015

Brooklyn Girls: NYC 2015

Last August I wrote about my third trip to New York and today I am writing about my fourth which came much quicker than I could have hoped for. I know in my resolutions post I put that I wanted to go on a girls' trip to NYC but I really didn't think it would happen. My friends and I suck at making plans so I am amazed that at least two of us managed to get together and go. I am more amazed that we are two of the worst at making an sticking to plans! Be warned, this post is quite picture heavy but if you love New York or are thinking of going there, it will be of interest. 

The biggest change for me this time around was not staying in Manhattan. We chose to stay in Brooklyn. The reason behind this was purely financial; the hotels in Manhattan are ridiculously expensive and not always great. So this time we decided to stay in a hostel - The New York Loft Hostel. Technically the hostel is in East Williamsburg but it felt much more like Bushwick. The hostel was pretty nice but for the first time ever I didn't feel like I was in New York as the New York I love is very much Manhattan. That's not to say there wasn't a lot that I liked about Brooklyn, it was just a very different experience. 

The best thing about staying where we were was that I got to explore Brooklyn more than I ever have. The bit around the hostel was very hipster which was fun in a way as my friend and I got to people watch while drinking our daily coffee. We venture to Williamsburg which was kind of great because the view of the city is out of this world and there are so many decent restaurants. We accidentally found ourselves at Smorgasburg which is billed as a 'Brooklyn Flea Food Market' (so fucking hipster). It's pretty much just some food stalls in a park serving pretty good food. And really cheap records if you're into that. 
As my friend hadn't been to New York before I got to do some of the touristy things again. I secretly love this stuff and there are some things that I would do every trip. Visiting either Empire State or Top of the Rock is one of things I will always do. The view is amazing from both but for me the Top of the Rock takes the crown s you get the view of the Empire State. We went this year at a time when we could catch the sunset as you end up getting pics in daylight, sunset, and nighttime. Perfect. It's crazy trying to get decent pictures at this time though as everyone seems to have the same idea and it's super crowded. It's a shame for those that just like to look out at the city and reflect as everyone is scrambling for a shot and you kind of get judged if you're not taking a pic. I didn't care though as the view makes me go all soppy so people probably thought I was nuts. 
One thing on my list to do was the High Line. It's a garden on some old subway tracks across the lower west side of the city. It offered some good views and was oddly peaceful given that it sits above the busy New York traffic. Central Park was a joy as always but it was quite hot so we had to find some shade to sit in. Also, I hadn't quite realised how fucking difficult it is to get out of that place! We ended up walking 13 miles that day, mostly trying to find our way out of the park.
Our motto for the week was 'I want all the foods'. And we ate nearly all the foods. The only thing we both had really wanted but didn't get were bagels. Oh and pancakes. Our stomachs just did not have enough room. 

Brooklyn Bridge has started to get some padlocks which definitely weren't there during my last visit. They make for a good photo but I hope they don't get out of control as I think they could ruin it. 
Another first on this trip was a visit to Liberty and Ellis islands. A boat trip on my first visit to NYC put me off forever. It was three hours long and you didn't really get close to anything! So I've always done the Staten Island ferry for my Lady Liberty fix. This time though we did the real trip. It was totally worth the $17 too. It was pretty impressive seeing the statue up close - she's much prettier than I anticipated (colourwise). Ellis Island was a tad disappointing. I expected a lot more artefacts and personal stories. Part of the reason was that some damage had been done during one of the big storms (I'm so bad, I have forgotten the name) so a lot of the exhibits had been taken away. The view of the city from the island was great though. 
If you can remember my last New York post you will know that I didn't buy much. I put that down to the boyf's sensible influence. This time around I went a bit nuts. Sephora reaped the full benefit of my hard-earned cash. I will do a full post on what I bought from there as there are some good bits to show you. On top of those goods I got some EOS lip balms, some MAC lippies, some stationery bits, some books, and some Nike Free Runs as I need to get exercising to burn off all the foods!

Phew! That was long - sorry! If you've been to New York I hope you love it as much as I do. If not, is it somewhere that you want to go?

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