4 January 2015

Reflections and Resolutions

I'm going to reflect a little on 2014 before explaining a bit about my New Year's Resolutions. So 2014 was a good year for me in general. It wasn't a year that stands out as a particularly great one but it wasn't terrible like some of the horror stories I have been hearing about on Facebook.
Things to be thankful for in 2014
- a new baby boy in the family
- a promotion
- the start of some great friendships at work
- going to NYC for the third time and loving it as much as ever
- going on a cruise (more on this in an upcoming post)
- nail blog going from strength to strength

I am shocked looking back at how little I have blogged here over the past year. I focused a lot of my energy on my nail blog and spent the rest of my time over-thinking this one. As a result I wrote hardly anything. Not everything I wrote I liked but thankfully I didn't publish for the sake of it or I think I would've felt even worse about things. In a way I'm glad I had such a blip as I am more determined to give things a go this year which is very exciting (for me anyway). 

Resolutions for 2015
- Lose three stone
This seems like a lot of weight to lose and I think I might be being a bit optimistic but I have put a lot of weight over the past few years and am currently a size 12-4 (not big really at all but it feels it, especially when I remember what it was like to be a size 6) which is uncomfortable. I would like to get down to a size 8-10. I'll keep you updated on my success. 
- Go to NYC on a girls' trip
- Finish house
- Create more art
There was a time towards the beginning of last year when I created loads of little art projects which kind of died down towards summer. My nail blog is one creative outlet but I'd like to do some more painting this year.
- Blog regularly
This fits in to what I was saying above. I had inspiration last year just not enough to put fingers to keys. This year I want to focus more energy on being productive, especially on this blog. 
- Smile every day
I think I do this but I really want to make sure I am enjoying life. It sounds silly but I think about days which I seem to have wasted being in a strop or sweating the small stuff and it just so isn't worth it. I am getting wrinkles for goodness sake! I am actually quite a chilled person and I laugh non-stop most days so I want to ensure I keep it up. 

Thank you all for sticking with me over what was a bit of a dead year. Please let me know if there is anything you want me to blog about or see more/less of in the comments below, I love hearing tips, tricks, and ideas to help me progress.