21 August 2015

My Insta Life: July

Team Leader Date At Godiva Cafe In Harrods // Epic Lightning Storm in London // One Too Many Pornstar Martinis
Lovebox // Disney Sunday // Late Night Reading
Baking Slutty Brownies // Grey Nails For A Grey Day // Gorgeous Dinner At Launceston Place

This month has been chaotic. I feel like I have been out and about so much that I haven't had much time to actually stop and do anything. On top of that work has been manic but I have been making an effort to leave on time. Again I wasn't too active on Instagram which is a bit weird as I had a lot to put on there although looking through my phone pics they mostly include drinks of some sort which can get a bit tedious. Drinks and food. Yawn.

15 July 2015

A No-Name Slob

I'm like cat here, a no-name slob. We belong to nobody, and nobody belongs to us. We don't even belong to each other.”

8 July 2015

My Insta Life: June

Lovely Sunny London // OPI AW15 Event // Ice Cream Cone Nails
Canal Walk // La Trompette // Call Me The Godmother
Breakfast Club // Toot Toot! // Hogwarts!!

In typical me fashion I wasn't too active on Instagram last month. I was signed in to my Dahlia Nails account as we finally hit the 10K mark so I was busy monitoring that. Unlike Twitter, Instagram don't make it easy to switch between accounts so I tend to end up posting on one or the other. Saying that I did get up to some stuff so I thought I'd post for you more of an iPhone round-up for the month of June. 

5 July 2015

Lazy Sunday Morning

I first smelt this fragrance on my last trip to New York whilst lingering around a Sephora trying not to buy everything in sight. I persuaded myself not to buy it as I had already spent a small fortune on beauty products but I had been thinking about it ever since. The smell of freshly laundered sheets kept calling to me so when I saw the bottle behind a glass cabinet in Harrods my impulsive nature came back and I bought it. There wasn't even a tester where I could try it again before taking the plunge. Nope. Straight in with the buy. No turning back. 

31 May 2015

My Insta Life: May

Perfect Hangover Food // Neon Jesus // Bushwick Days
Unicordion // New York I Love You // Brooklyn
American Treats // Flamingo Nails // 5 Year Journal

24 May 2015

Brooklyn Girls: NYC 2015

Last August I wrote about my third trip to New York and today I am writing about my fourth which came much quicker than I could have hoped for. I know in my resolutions post I put that I wanted to go on a girls' trip to NYC but I really didn't think it would happen. My friends and I suck at making plans so I am amazed that at least two of us managed to get together and go. I am more amazed that we are two of the worst at making an sticking to plans! Be warned, this post is quite picture heavy but if you love New York or are thinking of going there, it will be of interest. 

4 May 2015

My Insta Life: April

Reading myself to success // Sexy purple lips // Easter treat from work // Easter cake by my nail partner
Wintry looking sunset in Walthamstow // Herb shopping // Coachella nails for Dahlia Nails // New cacti from Wilkos in Poundland pot
Lollapalooza Berlin booked! // What's with the tongue? // Yummy beetroot salad at Tredwells // Helping dad sign in for the London Marathon
New plant popped in the garden // Trying out Turtle Bay in Walthamstow // Inspired by new Grayson Perry book // Choices, choices

12 April 2015

My Insta Life: March

Cinnamon Swirl at Victoria St // Homemade cake for the boyf's bday // Finally printing some snaps
Sunday Disney: Cinderella // Never thought Starbucks would get my name wrong // New reads
£2 Sunnies from Primark // So excited for the 2016 now // Hangover breakfast: Fab lolly in the rain

March was a good month. Celebrated the boyf's 30th in Sussex, started sorting out my travel/holiday pics from years past and ate one too many ice lollies. Also started reading a lot of teen fiction - I have now read all the books in the pic above so will post reviews asap. Looking forward to April now, especially as the Sun has reared it's pretty face. 

5 April 2015

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everybody. I haven't done all that much today other than stuff my face with tea and cake. I just figured WWJD, right?! I trekked pretty much the entire length of London (well, no further than zone 3, I'm not completely insane) to visit my good pal J so that we could update out nail blog's design. We cheated a little bit by buying a premade template but it makes quite a big difference. I may have to invest for StyleMouth too to look a bit more profesh. Other than that we just chilled. J kept me fed and watered which I was very grateful for. I hope you had a good Bank Holiday. I'm still reeling from having four days off. Pretty unheard of in retail. This must be what having a normal job is like! 

8 March 2015

My Insta Life: February

Sunday Disney: Beauty & The Beast // SNOW! // New Bourjois bits // Relaxing spa day
NOTD: Barry M Pit Stop* // 5 mile walk through Hackney marshes // New bronzer & Kabuki // Pinterest & Cointreau Event
Best management team // Listening to Lana LP // Sunday Disney: The Little Mermaid // Girls' night at Pizza Pilgrims
Laser-cut summer bag from Accessorize // Bath time // Drunken jammin' // Raindrops and roses for Dahlia Nails

12 January 2015

Cruise Control

Leaving Southampton//Lifesaver//Making Waves//Sunbathing//Amazing Towel Folding
Late last year my mum sold her London flat and one of the first things she booked was a cruise for me, the boyf, and my stepdad. We had always said that if we won the lottery we would love to go on a cruise so this was our way of testing the waters (excuse the pun). 

We could only coordinate certain dates so ended up booking a P&O cruise calling at Morocco, Spain and Portugal. Sounded good to us even though the weather wouldn't be great in November.

4 January 2015

Reflections and Resolutions

I'm going to reflect a little on 2014 before explaining a bit about my New Year's Resolutions. So 2014 was a good year for me in general. It wasn't a year that stands out as a particularly great one but it wasn't terrible like some of the horror stories I have been hearing about on Facebook.
Things to be thankful for in 2014
- a new baby boy in the family
- a promotion
- the start of some great friendships at work
- going to NYC for the third time and loving it as much as ever
- going on a cruise (more on this in an upcoming post)
- nail blog going from strength to strength

I am shocked looking back at how little I have blogged here over the past year. I focused a lot of my energy on my nail blog and spent the rest of my time over-thinking this one. As a result I wrote hardly anything. Not everything I wrote I liked but thankfully I didn't publish for the sake of it or I think I would've felt even worse about things. In a way I'm glad I had such a blip as I am more determined to give things a go this year which is very exciting (for me anyway). 

Resolutions for 2015
- Lose three stone
This seems like a lot of weight to lose and I think I might be being a bit optimistic but I have put a lot of weight over the past few years and am currently a size 12-4 (not big really at all but it feels it, especially when I remember what it was like to be a size 6) which is uncomfortable. I would like to get down to a size 8-10. I'll keep you updated on my success. 
- Go to NYC on a girls' trip
- Finish house
- Create more art
There was a time towards the beginning of last year when I created loads of little art projects which kind of died down towards summer. My nail blog is one creative outlet but I'd like to do some more painting this year.
- Blog regularly
This fits in to what I was saying above. I had inspiration last year just not enough to put fingers to keys. This year I want to focus more energy on being productive, especially on this blog. 
- Smile every day
I think I do this but I really want to make sure I am enjoying life. It sounds silly but I think about days which I seem to have wasted being in a strop or sweating the small stuff and it just so isn't worth it. I am getting wrinkles for goodness sake! I am actually quite a chilled person and I laugh non-stop most days so I want to ensure I keep it up. 

Thank you all for sticking with me over what was a bit of a dead year. Please let me know if there is anything you want me to blog about or see more/less of in the comments below, I love hearing tips, tricks, and ideas to help me progress.