6 October 2014

Payday Tiger Haul

I couldn't resist popping into Tiger on payday to have a little look at their nick-nacks. As per usual I came out with a few things that I probably don't need:

1. Copper Tealight Lantern, £3 I love this little lantern. So much so that I bought two! They have that kind of rustic home feel that I love for our living room. 
2. Ceramic Bird Print Tealight Holder, £2 This was too cute to resist! I don't even use tealights all that much but I suppose I better start what with buying three holders and all. 
3. Braided Basket Box, £3 I have so many little bits floating around that I am constantly looking for boxes to put them in. I love this one, it has a kind of vintage primary school quality about it. 
4. Natural Notebook, Pack of 3, £1 I always carry a little notebook around with me for post ideas so I couldn't resist these simple ones. Such a bargain - three for £1!
5. Hobby (PVA) Glue, £1 A bit of an odd one it may seem but PVA is a useful thing to have for nail art. Brush on around the nail to protect skin when water-marbling or creating a gradient mani. 
6. Post-It Pad, £1 I definitely do not need these but I can't resist handy little post-its. I use them to stick in magazines or in my notebooks when I want to flag an idea.
7. Dutch Waffles, £1 I don't need to explain how much I do not need these! It's a sickness. If you're also afflicted with waffleitis please note that these are not as good as the large Starbucks ones. 

I love browsing around Tiger. It's like the little bits section of Ikea but slightly cuter. If you're into stationery and art supplies - canvases in particular - then I would highly recommend having a look around your local store. 


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    1. They are a bit of a random selection but I'm glad you like them! x