28 September 2014

Eleven Years

Yesterday was my eleven year anniversary with the boyf. We don't tend to buy each other big presents as we have so many other things to spend money on but I was pleasantly surprised this year when I got a Kate Spade 'Emma' notebook and some Charbonnel et Walker truffles (my faves). 
The notebook is so pretty that I don't want to start writing in it! I feel like a notebook this nice should have something poignant written in it, like the start of a novel or something but no doubt it'll end up housing my random little thoughts which will materialise into not much of anything. Then it can join the thousands of other random notebooks I have!
A bit about me and the boyf. We find it very difficult to take a decent photograph with each other. I would not be surprised if memory cards were thought of with us in mind because if we had to rely on film we would just not take couple pictures. Above are some of the good, the bad and the damned-well ugly (I include only myself in this category as it seems most pics are destroyed by me pulling some sort of hideous face). I'll let you decide which are good and bad. 


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