13 August 2014

MAC Lovelorn Review

I am a terrible beauty buyer. I rarely have a specific product in mind when I shop for expensive make-up I just know that I need something and then I end up impulse buying a number of things that I'm not too sure about. In particular, this is how I shop for MAC make-up. 
On my last trip to the MAC counter I was in search of Vegas Volt when I spied this gorgeously girly pink and, without trying, decided to bring it home. Is it bad that I never try lipsticks in the store? 
I am so glad that I picked this shade up as it is now my go-to for everyday wear. The formula is 'Lustre' which is a bit sheer and very creamy but still pigmented. It doesn't last as well on the lips as something like Ruby Woo but that's because Ruby Woo is pretty much glue. Despite this I still really like the formula as seems more nourishing. 

This was one impulse buy that worked out well. I have many that have not been quite so successful - maybe I'll show you one day!

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