24 August 2014

Lucky Bunny

I love the shop Tiger. For those of you that aren't familiar with it, it's kind of like a mini Ikea where only the tidbits are sold. They stock home accessories, art supplies, food, and other random bits 'n' bobs at very reasonable prices. The main reason I like it is that there is a great selection of kitsch items for very cheap. 

I went in there recently to look for a canvas as they sell these at their usual low prices. However, I was miles away from home and soon realised that getting the canvas home would be a bit of a mission. As I was there I thought I may as well pick up some more stuff that I have no real use for. Cue this cute little lucky cat purse! It has a bell and everything! I think it was £2. Bargain.
Next up in the basket was the world's sweetest little bunny lamp. I managed to capture this in its best state - white light - as it changes to some very questionable colours (red, green, blue). They don't induce a calming atmosphere but he looks cute when not lit up so I still have him on display for all to see! The bunny lamp cost a mere £3. 

I actually didn't go too crazy during this trip. I think I probably bought a few more things but they weren't particularly photo worthy. Have you picked up any great bargains recently?

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