15 August 2014

Book Review: Bonjour Tristesse

"One afternoon I had wrapped myself in bath towels to look like a Hindu, and was sitting cross-legged staring at myself in the mirror..." - Cecile

book review

I read about this book on the Penguin website and instantly wanted to read it. I love a scheming heroine and Cecile is definitely that. Summering with her father and his young girlfriend in the south of France, Cecile is enjoying her holiday. She drinks and dines with her father, romances a young local boy and avoids any thought of her failing school grades. That is until Anne shows up.

Anne is an old friend of Cecile's fathers and proves a formidable force for the young hedonist. Watching the attachment forming between Anne and her father, Cecile starts scheming to destroy their relationship. The results are devastating and unexpected.

While I thoroughly enjoyed this novel, I found it hard to sympathise with either of the females. Cecile is manipulative and lazy but she is also young and hormonal. Anne on the other hand is sensible and meddling, bossy and rather annoying!

It's an interesting short story which really made me want to go on holiday to the South of France again!


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