24 August 2014

Lucky Bunny

I love the shop Tiger. For those of you that aren't familiar with it, it's kind of like a mini Ikea where only the tidbits are sold. They stock home accessories, art supplies, food, and other random bits 'n' bobs at very reasonable prices. The main reason I like it is that there is a great selection of kitsch items for very cheap. 

I went in there recently to look for a canvas as they sell these at their usual low prices. However, I was miles away from home and soon realised that getting the canvas home would be a bit of a mission. As I was there I thought I may as well pick up some more stuff that I have no real use for. Cue this cute little lucky cat purse! It has a bell and everything! I think it was £2. Bargain.
Next up in the basket was the world's sweetest little bunny lamp. I managed to capture this in its best state - white light - as it changes to some very questionable colours (red, green, blue). They don't induce a calming atmosphere but he looks cute when not lit up so I still have him on display for all to see! The bunny lamp cost a mere £3. 

I actually didn't go too crazy during this trip. I think I probably bought a few more things but they weren't particularly photo worthy. Have you picked up any great bargains recently?

21 August 2014

TBT: Stonehenge

I had great expectations for Stonehenge. I thought it'd be this huge, impending formation that evoked a certain mysticism. Unfortunately, it was a lot smaller than I had hoped. There's also a little rope barrier thing guiding you around which annoyed me. I don't like being told where I can and can't go at the best of times let alone when I am out in the big wide open! 

Worth a visit I suppose but photographs really make this heritage site look a lot grander than it is. 

15 August 2014

Book Review: Bonjour Tristesse

"One afternoon I had wrapped myself in bath towels to look like a Hindu, and was sitting cross-legged staring at myself in the mirror..." - Cecile

book review

I read about this book on the Penguin website and instantly wanted to read it. I love a scheming heroine and Cecile is definitely that. Summering with her father and his young girlfriend in the south of France, Cecile is enjoying her holiday. She drinks and dines with her father, romances a young local boy and avoids any thought of her failing school grades. That is until Anne shows up.

Anne is an old friend of Cecile's fathers and proves a formidable force for the young hedonist. Watching the attachment forming between Anne and her father, Cecile starts scheming to destroy their relationship. The results are devastating and unexpected.

While I thoroughly enjoyed this novel, I found it hard to sympathise with either of the females. Cecile is manipulative and lazy but she is also young and hormonal. Anne on the other hand is sensible and meddling, bossy and rather annoying!

It's an interesting short story which really made me want to go on holiday to the South of France again!


13 August 2014

MAC Lovelorn Review

I am a terrible beauty buyer. I rarely have a specific product in mind when I shop for expensive make-up I just know that I need something and then I end up impulse buying a number of things that I'm not too sure about. In particular, this is how I shop for MAC make-up. 
On my last trip to the MAC counter I was in search of Vegas Volt when I spied this gorgeously girly pink and, without trying, decided to bring it home. Is it bad that I never try lipsticks in the store? 
I am so glad that I picked this shade up as it is now my go-to for everyday wear. The formula is 'Lustre' which is a bit sheer and very creamy but still pigmented. It doesn't last as well on the lips as something like Ruby Woo but that's because Ruby Woo is pretty much glue. Despite this I still really like the formula as seems more nourishing. 

This was one impulse buy that worked out well. I have many that have not been quite so successful - maybe I'll show you one day!

9 August 2014

Home Tour: The Bathroom

After a year and a half of owning our own home the boyf and I have almost finished decorating one room. Yup. One room. Out of five. A little bit slow going we know but we chose a dilapidated house which needed some TLC so didn't expect it to be easy. 
We had to do the bathroom first because it wasn't really functioning all that well. The bath was falling off of the wall and there was a dreadful damp smell coming from the rotten wooden floor. 
We ripped out the entire thing before getting a plumber friend in to work his magic on the pipes. Down went a new wooden floor, in went a new suite from Victoria Plum and it was nearly my turn to get cracking on the decorating. I am, unfortunately, not great at DIY. I am happy to try my hand at things but I usually get it wrong so don't tend to bother. Plus I don't want to ruin my nails! Luckily the boyf is good with tools and things otherwise it would've cost us a small fortune.  
I am so happy with the room now that it's nearly finished. It looks a little bit girly but I assure you that the boyf loves it too! I had an image of the design for the bathroom in my head way before work started. I think the room would have looked like this no matter what house we bought. 
My fave part of the process has been adding all of my little knick-knacks. They just make the place look a little bit more lived in. I painted a pic for the room of some lovely legs in a bath. I think I saw a photograph like this on Pinterest and rather than just making a print of it I thought I'd do my own It's not perfect but I got a certain sense of satisfaction having created something. 
Here are some of my fave bits in the room. The cactus is a tad on the phallic side but I love it. It's from Ikea. The Feu de Bois candle by Diptyque doesn't actually smell right in this room so I think I shall buy another to light whilst I'm in the bath.

I hope you enjoyed the little tour of our bathroom. Maybe next year I'll show you another room!

7 August 2014

Tiny Topshop Haul

I found myself wandering around High Street Kensington after work this week and popped into Topshop for old times' sake to see what had changed since the days I used to work there. Turns out a lot changes in nine years! I looked a bit creepy walking around so thought I better buy some things. 

I ended up with a pair of Jamie jeans which are a great fit. They are high-waisted and super skinny with ripped knees. The Jamie jean comes in range of colours but I went for black as I didn't have a decent pair in my denim collection. 
I also picked up a new nail polish - standard! I went for this beautiful pastel blue colour called Birthday suit. I also picked up the cute heart shaped midi ring and hexagon necklace for a bargainous £2,50 each. I very rarely buy Freedom jewellery at full price as it always go down loads in the sale. I learnt this from working there for a year. 

I don't pop into Topshop all that much any more as the prices a tad too high for my liking but I do still love their stuff. 

4 August 2014

Start Spreading The News

The boyf and I first ventured to New York in 2006 and instantly fell in love with the place. This time around was our third and my love of the city has not dwindled. 
This time around we went with my mum and her friend. My mum has never really ventured outside of Europe so this was a big adventure for her. It was nice to get to share one of my favourite places in the world with one of my favourite people. As it was her first time we revisited a lot of tourist traps like the Empire State Building, Grand Central, and Brooklyn Bridge.
One thing we hadn't seen before was the 9/11 Memorial and Museum as they weren't there last time we visited. It's amazing how quickly the new building (Freedom Tower??) went up. In 2009 the place was very much a building site. The fountains in the old World Trade spots were calming, the perfect place to reflect on the events of 9/11. The museum itself was fascinating in a morbid way and well worth a visit. I had to drag the boyf out as he was so engrossed (he was in there for over two hours!). 
It was incredibly hot during our visit so we ended up casually strolling around looking for cold drinks and ice-creams a little bit more than we usually do. We thoroughly enjoyed exploring Central Park a bit more, that place is huge!
Naturally we did a tiny bit of shopping during our trip. I didn't actually buy all that much, just these three things really and Nylon magazine is hardly a big treat! The Michael Kors watch was an absolute steal from Bloomingdales though. I got it for $86! It was on sale and there was a freak extra 50% off promotion that week. Random. The jeans are amazing acid wash Levis which were about $90. 

Still in big time love with New York. Would still probably abandon ship and live there given half the chance. Otherwise I'm happy to be an absent resident. 

1 August 2014


One boring day at work we were randomly discussing books - I think on the back of a Fifty Shades debate - when I mentioned that I liked controversial/disturbing novels. That's when my colleagues recommended two books for me: The End of Alice and Wetlands. I have now read both and will do a review of The End of Alice at a later date. For now....Wetlands. 

I wasn't sure what to expect from Wetlands but I certainly did not think it would be anything like it was. It was pure filth and not in a sexy way. Helen, our protagonist, is bedridden in hospital following an operation on her anus. Whilst bed-bound she has plenty of time to muse the inner workings of her body as well as the reunion of her estranged parents. 

Do I have anything in common with Helen? Weeeellll not much really. I suppose I also have an unashamed way of speaking about certain topics - sex, periods, poo - but this was a bit much even for me. The ass chat was fine, the sex was actually quite tame, but the home-made tampons left around for people to pick up, the avocado births, and the pus eating left me feeling a little bit sick. 

The book read quickly because it was well written and despite feeling completely grossed out by the main lady you kind of want to know what's going to happen to her and her ass. I liked that Roche tackled topics I haven't really come across in literature before but I don't think I will be recommending this to many of my girl friends. 

Rating: ***1/2