17 July 2014

TBT: Daytrippin'

If I had to pick somewhere other than London to live in the UK it would definitely be Brighton. There is something about the place that I just love. 
It's quaint but edgy with an amazing mix of vintage and up-and-coming stores. I even like the pebble beach as I'm not a huge fan of sand. 
How can you not love a place that has bikes casually parked in the street like this? And with brightly coloured doors on cute little houses?
One of my favourite things is the old pier. I love the silhouette it makes against the sun-speckled sea. So pretty. 

I can't be sure when exactly these photographs were taken. If I had to guess I would say about three years ago. I took them during a jaunt to the seaside town with the boyf. Perfect day.

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