10 July 2014

Same Sun, Different Setting

LONDON This was taken in Swiss Cottage from the balcony of a flat we used to live in. Somewhere amongst the silhouette is the arch of Wembley stadium. 
VIENNA Taken at the pretty Prater in Austria's capital
WHITSUNDAYS Captured on a ship in the middle of the ocean. I threw up over the side of the boat once the sun had gone down!
SYDNEY-BANGKOK Standard sunset snap shot from the airplane. 
HALONG BAY This is one of our favourite places in the world. It is stunningly beautiful and so peaceful. The sunset was magical. 
LOS ANGELES I love this picture. It reminds me of Baywatch!
FIJI This wasn't the best picture of the sun that we took but I love that it has the men rowing. It gives a sense of the place. 
SIEM REAP We climbed the world's steepest stairs to picture the sunset at Siem Reap. Well worth the risk to our lives! Just look at the colour of the Sun.
KOH SAMUI Without doubt one of my favourite places ever. We didn't manage to get a really good sunset pic. 
CAIRNS Sleepy Cairns was one of my fave places in Australia. I like this pic because of the two Buddhist monks in the foreground. 
LONDON My beloved London again! This time a sunset from Hampstead Heath. 
AUCKLAND This is the only photo of a sunset I have from NZ and it's from the blinkin' car! Not great but I love the tower to the right. 
LONDON I was born and raised in London so it's only fair that I take more pics here than anywhere else! This one has a place in my heart because the Eye is peeking at me from the right. 
CANNES That little white dot is actually the Moon!
ALBUFEIRA Taken in Portugal at a sandcastle exhibition. Strange but true!
BERLIN Ah, the Brandenburg Gate. Iconic.
KOS Not the best sunset but special to me as this was taken on one my first holidays with the boyf.
SYDNEY Sunset-lit clouds provide the best backdrop for a bridge shot.
HANOI-HO CHI MINH Taken from the train to Ho Chi Minh. Head out of the window like a dog!
LONDON Ending with another London shot. A beautiful orange glow in Walthamstow. 

Other than learning that the big old Sun shines on us all I have discovered that a good sunset shot needs at least a few clouds to become a great sunset shot. 

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