14 July 2014

NYC Hand Luggage

Last month I went to New York with my mum, her friend, and the boyf. I will do a 'proper' post on the trip later on but to get you in the mood I thought I'd show you what I took on to the plane with me. 

When I travel I wear cozy clothes and pack the bare essentials in my hand luggage. This time around I wore some Primark jeggings, a white tee, and a black hoodie. I tend to get cold on the plane so always wear some form of sweatshirt. I wear socks too as my feet get freezing! I teamed my socks with a new pair of Vans for this trip. I was pleased with my choice of footwear as they are so comfy!

I bought the bag from a friend. I had really wanted a backpack for walking around and it just so happened that she was selling this little number so I snapped it up. I never take a lot of stuff in my hand luggage. This time around I packed the usual suspects: phone, purse, passport, sunglasses, and book (Giovanni's Room). Beauty-wise I take hardly anything. I do my make up before I leave and then refresh when I get to the accommodation at the other end. I only took Vaseline and hand cream on this flight so that I didn't make my grand entrance into NYC looking like a a prune. Worked like a charm!

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