22 April 2014

Rare Mac Lipstick: Scream 2

I am going to tell you about this lipstick but I need a promise of no judgement because it has been in my collection for the longest time. When I explain why you may understand but it is still pretty grim that I use this! 
My brother used to work at Disney/Buena Vista and when Scream 2 was released in the UK (in 1997!!!) the opportunity arose for employees to get their hands on this MAC lipstick which was created for the film. Being a loving brother he picked one up for me. At the time I absolutely hated it. It was kind of my go-to Halloween lippie as I applied it in one fail swoop which makes it very dark. When my brother died I kept hold of everything he ever gave me - this seems to be a part of my grieving process.I still have perfumes given to me by my great aunt who died in 1997! - and I'm glad I did now as I love it.
Now I have learnt how to apply lipstick properly and blend a little if a colour is too dark for me, I absolutely adore this shade. It is a beautiful cranberry colour which, although not perfect for this time of year, looks AMAZING in autumn/winter. It is very old but as yet I haven't fallen ill from using it. 

The packaging is quite old for this lipstick and it doesn't have which formula it is but it is very long-wearing. It feels like a cremesheen but I can't be sure. If anyone knows anything about this lipstick I'd be really interested to know as I have been unable to find anything online. 

Do you have any rare beauty items in your collection?

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