5 March 2014

Why Bother Blogging?

I read somewhere once that if you take a break from blogging you should never explain yourself. You should just get straight back into it. I guess I kind of get that mentality but I feel bad doing that, like there is a little elephant hanging over my slice of the internet. On the other hand I doubt very much that anyone cares why I took a break. Hell, most of you probably didn't even notice. 

So I decided to explain myself. And then I realised that I didn't really have an explanation. I just kind of got side tracked doing other stuff. I also had a major think about what I wanted to do with The Style Mouth. I have enough self awareness to know that I am never going to be one of the big dogs of the blogging world. I just don't have the time it takes to run an incredibly successful blog (OK, it's a combination of not enough time and not enough effort but still) what with a full time job, the other blog and the odd plans with friends getting in the way. So if I'm not blogging for fame or fortune, why bother?

Good question. As someone who regards themselves as incredibly creative, it is frustrating not working in a field where I utilise that part of my brain. I need to be creating stuff (artwork, poetry, anything!) to keep myself sane and I find having an outlet which is visible to other people keeps me doing this. If I were just doing it for me I would probably pick up a paintbrush and then watch YouTube clips until my eyes got sore. 

This blog has morphed in the couple of years that I have had it. It started as predominantly fashion based and then I started to really get into beauty so that took centre stage. At one point I added a book club which had been another blog before that, then started adding home bits when I bought my flat. Now it is what I suppose you could call a 'lifestyle' blog, although I hate that terminology. This year I am going to be throwing everything together so that I have all of my loves in one place. I will be writing more for me I guess but I would love for you all to come along for the ride as I truly value your input. 

Anyhoo this has turned into a major waffle that was only going to be a short paragraph about how this blog is going to include book reviews so I'll shut up. For now!


  1. I totally get you! This was a great post, glad you're back :)

    x leah symonne x


  2. Thanks! Sometimes it's good to have a think about why we do this! Emma.x