9 March 2014

March Wish List

I feel like Spring is well and truly here and I am so excited. I am usually a cold weather and snuggly nights in kind of girl but I feel myself more and more attracted to the sunshine. Maybe I have a vitamin D deficiency. Anyway, with all the spring-ness in the air my wish list this month features some essentials for the impending warmer weather. 

1. Nina Jelly Sandals, Topshop, £24 My boyfriend will absolutely kill me if I buy these. Every time we walk past a pair of jellies he makes some sort of snidey comment. And I used to be with him but recently I have been imagining a pair of white jellies with some royal blue trousers....

2. Lace Flower Sweater, Christopher Kane, £330 'Tis the season for pastels me thinks. Love this simple sweater by Christopher Kane. There's nothing better than walking home on a summer's evening wearing a sweater to combat the breeze. Mmmm...time to book a holiday! 

3. Pochette Louise, Louis Vuitton, £1060 The price tag makes my eyes water a little bit but I adore the little classic looking bags that LV are bringing out. This one is kind of 80's looking which is fab but it's the colour that makes me want to throw caution to the wind and just buy the damn thing. 

4. Gelly Nail Polishes in Huckleberry, Rosehip, and Sugar Apple, Barry M, £3.99 each Barry M is probably my favourite nail polish brand. Their Gelly range was out long before all of the other high street brands decided to get in on the action and is still one of the best. Their new colours are really pretty and I can't wait to try them. 

5. White Triangle Stud Earrings, River Island, £2 I don't tend to wear earrings all that often but these cute little triangles are a bargain that I might not be able to resist. 

6. Heroine Lipstick, MAC, £15 I have started to become a little obsessed with MAC lipsticks and could barely contain my excitement when I heard that Heroine was being re-released. IT is a vibrant purple shade that I an sure I won't be able to pull off but I am going to have the best time trying to work it! 

7. Sweater, Stella McCartney, £700 Sure it's a bit pricey but I love the colour clash on this sweater. The chunky(ish) cable knit might seem a bit heavy for the impending summer but it's great for this time of year. 

What are you wishing for this spring?

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