27 February 2014

TBT: Worldwide Travels

L-R: New York, San Francisco, LA, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, Fiji, New Zealand, Australia, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam
What better way to get back in the swing of things than by taking a little trip down memory lane for inspiration? I have been away for a while and I wish I could say that I had been travelling again but unfortunately that is not the case. I have been doing a la-hot of dreaming about travelling but have been absolutely nowhere. Anywho, now is not the time for making excuses, now is the time for looking at photos of my 2009 trip around the world. 

After my stint at uni the boyf and I decided to go travelling. I had some student loan left over and he had saved a considerable amount what with working since the age of 16 and all. As he had never been to uni this was quite a nice gap for him from working - a chance to live a little. We decided on the trip in some part because of a wedding we had to go to in Fiji. Why not just stay on holiday if we had to travel that far anyway? 

I love the US but had been to most of the cities we visited before. My heart belongs to New York but LA was refreshing this time around and I actually enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would. Vegas was mindblowingly outrageous and the Grand Canyon was stunningly beautiful. 

My favourite part of the trip was South-East Asia. Every part of it opened my eyes to something new and I genuinely feel like a piece of my soul stayed there as I think about going back almost every day. Cambodia and Thailand were my real faves as the people were so friendly (in a genuine way - not in an American "have a good day" way!). Cambodia in particular was incredibly humbling. I think we would have enjoyed Laos a bit more if we hadn't gotten royally ripped off. We got stranded in the capital city on our way to Vietnam and I swear if I'd had a gun I would've quite easily shot someone. I had clearly lost my mind as I thought the local sock & flip-flop combo was a good one. It's not. I wish we had seen a bit more of coastal Vietnam as the beaches are spectacular but we just did not have time. Halong Bay (pictured) was probably the most beautiful place we visited - it's so magical. 

You will probably get a few more snippets of my travels as I plan to put a lot more of 'me' into this blog so expect more travels, more book reviews, more clothes, and definitely more beauty. Let me know if there is anything in particular you want to see.

Have you guys been anywhere that stole your heart?

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