11 December 2013

MAC Ruby Woo Review

I am the worst when it comes to not trying before I buy. Never have I been more surprised at the texture of a lipstick than when I attempted to apply Ruby Woo to my unprepped lips. Wow is this lipstick dry. I know it's matte but I had no idea quite what this entailed. It is so hard to apply as the formula is so dry. And don't even consider trying to shmush your lips together without putting lip balm on first! 
By the time I took this pic I had already used Ruby Woo a few times and you can already see little flaky bits on the top. I don't know if these are from the lipstick or my lips. I don't have dry lips at all as I put half a pot of Vaseline on every night before bed (no lie) but if you do I probably wouldn't recommend using this unless you use a little dab of balm afterwards. For me, the lippie is dry but I like the matte effect and I love how long it lasts. I wore it yesterday from 11-3 without having to reapply. I did use a lipliner underneath which may have helped but I find it lasts a long time without any base. 
I absolutely adore this colour and have noticed that it works well on absolutely all skin tones. It has a blue base which makes your teeth seem whiter and, as mentioned, it lasts for ages so, despite the drying formula, I would definitely recommend Ruby Woo to a friend. However, I don't think I will invest in many more matte lipsticks unless I try them out first. 

Do you have any products that you find hard work?

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