8 December 2013

Like An American

Be young, be dope, be proud
Like an American
American - Lana Del Rey

As Marina and the Diamonds sang 'I'm obsessed with the mess that's America'. And I am finding it hard to say why. I suppose it is because of the idea of the place which I have garnered over the years from a wide range of sources like TV, film, music, art, literature, and food. Travelling to the US has only served to confirm these ideals for me. I feel that New York is my home from home. It is basically London on steroids and I love it. However, when I dreamily think of the US I tend to think of California, or those sleepy, nondescript towns which feature in films where people have porches and great love stories take place. When I have visited California it has tended to live up to my hype. Even when I last went to LA and had to take the bus everywhere, it was fascinating because it was so different to the LA I had seen in films and on TV (they don't tend to take the bus in The Hills). 

The collage above gives you a little insight into what I see when I picture the US. It's a combination of old and new pop culture references. Dreamy men and women, and striking sunsets over beautiful beaches. Lana Del Rey's 'Video Games' video is another great visual as to why I love the US - the glamour mixed with an underlying sadness. 

Well, I don;t know if I have managed to explain myself very well. Maybe I will try again one day. If any of you have a weird obsession like this, either with the USA or anything else, I would love to hear.

*Pictures a combination of my own snaps and those from my Pinterest account

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