5 December 2013

Birthday Beauty Treats

As you can imagine, a lot of beauty products were purchased during my blogging absence. October was a good month for me, beauty-wise, as I got some goodies for my birthday. I treated myself to the MAC products above. I walked in with the intention of buying Ruby Woo as I had been craving it for a while. I had heard that it was a universal red to flatter every skin tone so bought it without trying. I ended up buying the RiRi Woo lip liner as well as it was the closest in colour to the lippie. The powder was a necessary extra! 
I got quite a few nail goodies for my birthday. The Wah Nails Book of Downtown Girls was on my Amazon wishlist for a while. I really enjoyed the first book and wanted more of the same. While there are some good designs in here I felt a little let down as there weren't as many exciting ones as I had hoped for. 
My good friend M bought me some Models Own treats as well as some amazing nail decorations which include the cutest little cat faces. I reviewed the polish, Sardonyx, over on Dahlia Nails if you want a little read. 
I went a tad crazy for the top/base coats buying OPI's Nail Envy, Seche Vite, and Essie's First Base Base Coat. I don't leave my nails long enough to try Nail Envy properly but even after two days my nails seemed stronger. Seche Vite has revolutionised my life. I may do a proper review on it as it really is a wonder product. The Essie base coat is good but doesn't seem to work any major miracles. 
I decided to subscribe to Elle magazine for two reasons. The first is that, at £18 for a year, the cost of the mag reduced dramatically. As someone who buys Elle every month, this is an amazing saving. The second reason was the free gift. The free gift used to put me off subscribing as I didn't feel it was really worth it but when my peepers rested on the Topshop make up up for grabs I couldn't resist. When they arrived (on my birthday no less) I nearly wet myself with excitement! I will review some of the products later in the month.
Last but by no means least, my lovely colleague A bought me this Kabuki brush from Topshop. She bought it to replace my skanky, broken Body Shop one which had been grossing her out for a while. The Kabuki is the softest brush EVER! I now use it to apply my bronzer as it gives a good, even coverage. I just need to remember to wash it every now and then so that it doesn't face the same fate as its predecessor. 

So there you have my birthday beauty treats for 2013. There are more products to be featured this month including some reviews of these ones so watch this space beauty fans!

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