11 December 2013

MAC Ruby Woo Review

I am the worst when it comes to not trying before I buy. Never have I been more surprised at the texture of a lipstick than when I attempted to apply Ruby Woo to my unprepped lips. Wow is this lipstick dry. I know it's matte but I had no idea quite what this entailed. It is so hard to apply as the formula is so dry. And don't even consider trying to shmush your lips together without putting lip balm on first! 
By the time I took this pic I had already used Ruby Woo a few times and you can already see little flaky bits on the top. I don't know if these are from the lipstick or my lips. I don't have dry lips at all as I put half a pot of Vaseline on every night before bed (no lie) but if you do I probably wouldn't recommend using this unless you use a little dab of balm afterwards. For me, the lippie is dry but I like the matte effect and I love how long it lasts. I wore it yesterday from 11-3 without having to reapply. I did use a lipliner underneath which may have helped but I find it lasts a long time without any base. 
I absolutely adore this colour and have noticed that it works well on absolutely all skin tones. It has a blue base which makes your teeth seem whiter and, as mentioned, it lasts for ages so, despite the drying formula, I would definitely recommend Ruby Woo to a friend. However, I don't think I will invest in many more matte lipsticks unless I try them out first. 

Do you have any products that you find hard work?

8 December 2013

Like An American

Be young, be dope, be proud
Like an American
American - Lana Del Rey

As Marina and the Diamonds sang 'I'm obsessed with the mess that's America'. And I am finding it hard to say why. I suppose it is because of the idea of the place which I have garnered over the years from a wide range of sources like TV, film, music, art, literature, and food. Travelling to the US has only served to confirm these ideals for me. I feel that New York is my home from home. It is basically London on steroids and I love it. However, when I dreamily think of the US I tend to think of California, or those sleepy, nondescript towns which feature in films where people have porches and great love stories take place. When I have visited California it has tended to live up to my hype. Even when I last went to LA and had to take the bus everywhere, it was fascinating because it was so different to the LA I had seen in films and on TV (they don't tend to take the bus in The Hills). 

The collage above gives you a little insight into what I see when I picture the US. It's a combination of old and new pop culture references. Dreamy men and women, and striking sunsets over beautiful beaches. Lana Del Rey's 'Video Games' video is another great visual as to why I love the US - the glamour mixed with an underlying sadness. 

Well, I don;t know if I have managed to explain myself very well. Maybe I will try again one day. If any of you have a weird obsession like this, either with the USA or anything else, I would love to hear.

*Pictures a combination of my own snaps and those from my Pinterest account

7 December 2013

NOTD: Pow Green

LOVE this colour from Maybelline's Color Show collection. It's kind of a dirty neon lime. I first read about this polish on the blog LLYMLRS and knew that it had to be mine. I found application really easy and felt that two coats were enough for a streak-free finish. The Color Show range is really reasonably priced at £2.99 a pot. I would most definitely recommend it to all you nail polish addicts out there. 

I know it's a bit of an odd colour for this time of year but I need a bright shade on my nails as my clothes are a bit drab. You know the drill, greys, burgundy reds, navy blues, black, and a bit of white. Pow Green is just the pop I need! 

5 December 2013

Birthday Beauty Treats

As you can imagine, a lot of beauty products were purchased during my blogging absence. October was a good month for me, beauty-wise, as I got some goodies for my birthday. I treated myself to the MAC products above. I walked in with the intention of buying Ruby Woo as I had been craving it for a while. I had heard that it was a universal red to flatter every skin tone so bought it without trying. I ended up buying the RiRi Woo lip liner as well as it was the closest in colour to the lippie. The powder was a necessary extra! 
I got quite a few nail goodies for my birthday. The Wah Nails Book of Downtown Girls was on my Amazon wishlist for a while. I really enjoyed the first book and wanted more of the same. While there are some good designs in here I felt a little let down as there weren't as many exciting ones as I had hoped for. 
My good friend M bought me some Models Own treats as well as some amazing nail decorations which include the cutest little cat faces. I reviewed the polish, Sardonyx, over on Dahlia Nails if you want a little read. 
I went a tad crazy for the top/base coats buying OPI's Nail Envy, Seche Vite, and Essie's First Base Base Coat. I don't leave my nails long enough to try Nail Envy properly but even after two days my nails seemed stronger. Seche Vite has revolutionised my life. I may do a proper review on it as it really is a wonder product. The Essie base coat is good but doesn't seem to work any major miracles. 
I decided to subscribe to Elle magazine for two reasons. The first is that, at £18 for a year, the cost of the mag reduced dramatically. As someone who buys Elle every month, this is an amazing saving. The second reason was the free gift. The free gift used to put me off subscribing as I didn't feel it was really worth it but when my peepers rested on the Topshop make up up for grabs I couldn't resist. When they arrived (on my birthday no less) I nearly wet myself with excitement! I will review some of the products later in the month.
Last but by no means least, my lovely colleague A bought me this Kabuki brush from Topshop. She bought it to replace my skanky, broken Body Shop one which had been grossing her out for a while. The Kabuki is the softest brush EVER! I now use it to apply my bronzer as it gives a good, even coverage. I just need to remember to wash it every now and then so that it doesn't face the same fate as its predecessor. 

So there you have my birthday beauty treats for 2013. There are more products to be featured this month including some reviews of these ones so watch this space beauty fans!

2 December 2013

Life Lately

Sooo...I had a little sabbatical from blogging last month as I concentrated on getting a new job and trying to sort out my house. Thank you to all of you who kept visiting my little slice of the world wide web and apologies for not posting more regularly. Everything has settled down a bit now so I should be back on track this month.
Last month was exciting/scary as I found myself handing in my notice and heading for pastures new. As a result I ended up going for quite regular little drinky poos with my team as I tried to make the most of them before leaving. The hardest part of leaving was saying goodbye to my team - they are the best!
Part of my lack of blogging came from a real case of writer's block. I got stuck in a no-blogging rut and any idea I was coming up with just seemed shit (excuse my French). I would rather just not blog for a while than spew out some rubbish. Quality over quantity and all that jazz! So instead of getting stressed and over-analysing my writer's block I decided to create in other ways. Namely, by doing some easy peasy song lyric pics as above. The paradise one is now framed and sitting proudly on my shelves. The idea for these came from my new addiction: Pinterest. I am blinkin' obsessed with it!
As well as pinning like a mad woman I have thrown myself into my other blog. The lovely Jo and I have been lucky enough to win a couple of really good prizes recently. We won the Barry M winter collection which was amazing and then a whole heap of Rimmel goodies. I can't list all of the things we won as there was so much stuff but watch this space for reviews. 
I am so sad to have left my lovely team and just wanted to say a mahoosive thank you to them for my leaving goodies. When asked what I wanted I kind of jokingly mentioned the Diptyque Feu de Bois candle, not really thinking they would get it as it's too much but they did! They also got me a lovely Tai horseshoe bracelet for good luck. The beautiful free spirit ALM gots me some additional goodies which was extremely thoughtful and generous: my fave Moleskine notebook, an E&J decoration for the house, and a little bottle of Bioderma's Solution Micellaire. Words cannot express how grateful I am to them all. 

So there you have a little round up of what I have been up to in November. Mainly crying about leaving my job while pinning sad quotes! 

Onwards and upwards, more regular posting will ensue this month. Soz for leaving you to your own devices for a month but I'm back! xxx