10 October 2013

Review: Jacava Passion

Passion, Jacava, £14.50*
On my birthday I got a lovely little package through my letterbox containing this Jacava nail polish. There was also a top coat but it got smashed in transit (insert sad face). 

I have to admit that despite my nail polish addiction and love of finding new brands Jacava isn't a brand that I have heard much about. For those of you who also know nothing about them, Jacava is a British brand that makes luxury nail polish free from "the big eight": DBP, camphor, formaldehyde, toluene, collophane, parabens, phthalates and animal ingredients. I can't honestly say that these ingredients have worried me before as I tend not to even look at the bottles I buy but now I'm aware of what's lurking in my polish I am thinking of taking a look at the nasties in detail (I'll let you know what I find out). 

You can currently buy Jacava polishes at AmazonFeel Unique and the Jacava website

Let's get down to business! Passion is a beautiful berry red which will be perfect for me to wear to work. I was pleasantly surprised by the formula of the polish; it applied like a dream and was opaque in one coat (I am wearing two in the pics). The finish is really glossy meaning you wouldn't have to wear a top coat. I have read mixed reviews on the longevity of the polish ranging from 2-5 days. I don't ever wear polish for more than two days anyway so I can't really comment on this.

At £14.50 Jacava polishes aren't cheap. I resent paying this much for polish but when I think of the amount I shell out for Chanel (up to £20 per pot) I suppose it doesn't seem too bad. Even more, when I think of the price of nails inc polishes, which I love but that chip within a day, £14.50 seems semi-reasonable. Even more reasonable for shade Blueberry Muffin - I'm obsessed!

How much would you spend on a nail polish?


  1. Nice color. :)


  2. Gorgeous colour! x