12 October 2013

Inside My Work Make Up Bag

Working in luxury retail means looking flawless at all times. Well it does for me and it can be haaaarrrrd! I keep this lot in the office with me all day as I often need to reapply, especially my lipstick. So what's lurking in my H&M pouch?

Topshop Bronzer in Sandcastle I wrote about this product here and can report that I am still very happy with it. Love the colour, love the finish, just love it! 

Mac Lipstick in Rebel I reviewed this product in full here. I like this for work because it completely transforms my face. Even if I don't have much make-up on my face looks really "done" when I pop Rebel on. 

Body Shop Powder Brush My colleague A keeps begging me to dispose of this brush but I just can't part from it, it's so soft! I probably should wash it though. It looks weird in the pic because the handle has broken off so just the metal and bristles remain. 

Chanel Lipstick in Inimitable Red lips are another way to make you look like you have a full face of make up on but I think they work best when your face is flawless. This is my "power lip" that I pop on if I need to be assertive. People find it hard to argue to the Chanel lip! 

Soap and Glory Smoulder Kohl I find kohl tricky because I use it on my waterline causing it to wear off quite quickly. I used to really enjoy this liner as it didn't smudge too much (unlike Benefit's Bad Gal one) but I still find I have to reapply it about three times throughout the working day. If anyone knows of a kohl with real staying power, please let me know. 

Mac Studio Fix Concealer I have had this concealer for so long that it is probably a health hazard. I can't even read what shade it is. This I only need to apply a couple of times during the day as it has some real stick to it. It offers full coverage with the tiniest amount. For even better coverage, use with a little Real Techniques brush. 

M&S Limited Lipstick in Melba Blush I use this at work when I want a pop of colour that's not too in your face. It doesn't have great staying power as it's quite dewy and moisturising but I love the orangey colour. 

Vaseline You can't beat a bit of Vaseline. I use this in two ways. The first is as a lip balm because my lips get dry wearing so much lipstick throughout the day. The second is to remove Rebel at the end of the day. It is soooo hard to remove it from the edge of my lips so I pop a bit of Vaseline on and then remove with a tissue. Works like a charm. 

Revlon Lipstick in Plum Love this shade for a bit of goth glam. It's a deep berry shade that looks great with a kohl-lined eye. One of my all time fave shades. 

Seventeen Shimmer Brick Like I need a bit more bronze! This is nice for a little shimmer when I'm in the mood. 

Do any of you lovelies have to wear a lot of make up for work? If not, do you wear it anyway? I bet you do. 


  1. Good post. :)


  2. I used to work in a fairly fancy department store, not on the make up section, but they still expected us to look polished all the time. I actually found it pretty tiring and I hated having to wear SO much make up everyday. I think that's why I quite like the minimal look now!

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com

    1. Maybe when I leave I will go for the natural look again. Now I kind of feel weird without a full face of make up on but you're right, it is tiring keeping it up ALL day. Emma.x

  3. I love the illustration in this post, such a gorgeous way to show your products!

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