15 October 2013


Feeling inspired by @tavitulle on Instagram I decided to rifle through my jewellery box and show you a few key pieces. These aren't necessarily pieces that I wear all the time but they are more significant than the heaps of tatty Primark necklaces I wear all the time. 

  • Thomas Sabo Charm Bracelet - This was given to me by some dear friends at uni. They bought me the handcuff charm as I used to wear a necklace with gold handcuffs all the time. The other charms all mean something to me and have been bought by various people. 
  • Vivienne Westwood Heart Orb - This was bought for me by the boyf one anniversary. I love it but it's such bad quality. After wearing it twice it has tarnished and turns my neck a bit green. But I still love it!
  • Alex Monroe Baby Bee - This was also bought for me by the boyf. I wrote about it here and the significance of the bee for me. 
  • Name Necklace - This is a cheapo necklace from Argos but I love it. I don't wear it all that often as it is so delicate that I'm afraid to damage it. I can't remember why I bought it but I imagine it was after watching SATC. 

  • Heart and Charm - This is a bit of a cheat as it's two necklaces in one. The heart is from Tiffany and was bought for me by my mum one birthday. I love how solid it is but I wish I still wore silver as I don't wear it as often as I used to. The other charm is from the boyf and I felt bad when he gave it to me because I didn't like it all that much. However, once I put it on the sturdier Tiffany chain it began to grow on me. It is delicate with tiny little diamonds and although it's not 100% my taste it is still precious to me. 
  • Cat Brooch - My mum bought this for me in Past Times and I  instantly fell in love with it as I am a crazy cat lady! 
  • Opal Necklace - This was given to me a long time ago by my best friend at school. Opals are my birth stone and this has become something of a lucky charm for me. I wear it every day and panic if I forget to put it on in the morning. 
  • Snake Bracelet - This is actually one of my Primark pieces but I had to include it here as I get complimented on it whenever I wear it. It looks more expensive than it was and I love seeing the look of surprise when I say I got it in Primark. 
So there you have a little snippet of some of my most prized jewellery possessions. 

12 October 2013

Inside My Work Make Up Bag

Working in luxury retail means looking flawless at all times. Well it does for me and it can be haaaarrrrd! I keep this lot in the office with me all day as I often need to reapply, especially my lipstick. So what's lurking in my H&M pouch?

Topshop Bronzer in Sandcastle I wrote about this product here and can report that I am still very happy with it. Love the colour, love the finish, just love it! 

Mac Lipstick in Rebel I reviewed this product in full here. I like this for work because it completely transforms my face. Even if I don't have much make-up on my face looks really "done" when I pop Rebel on. 

Body Shop Powder Brush My colleague A keeps begging me to dispose of this brush but I just can't part from it, it's so soft! I probably should wash it though. It looks weird in the pic because the handle has broken off so just the metal and bristles remain. 

Chanel Lipstick in Inimitable Red lips are another way to make you look like you have a full face of make up on but I think they work best when your face is flawless. This is my "power lip" that I pop on if I need to be assertive. People find it hard to argue to the Chanel lip! 

Soap and Glory Smoulder Kohl I find kohl tricky because I use it on my waterline causing it to wear off quite quickly. I used to really enjoy this liner as it didn't smudge too much (unlike Benefit's Bad Gal one) but I still find I have to reapply it about three times throughout the working day. If anyone knows of a kohl with real staying power, please let me know. 

Mac Studio Fix Concealer I have had this concealer for so long that it is probably a health hazard. I can't even read what shade it is. This I only need to apply a couple of times during the day as it has some real stick to it. It offers full coverage with the tiniest amount. For even better coverage, use with a little Real Techniques brush. 

M&S Limited Lipstick in Melba Blush I use this at work when I want a pop of colour that's not too in your face. It doesn't have great staying power as it's quite dewy and moisturising but I love the orangey colour. 

Vaseline You can't beat a bit of Vaseline. I use this in two ways. The first is as a lip balm because my lips get dry wearing so much lipstick throughout the day. The second is to remove Rebel at the end of the day. It is soooo hard to remove it from the edge of my lips so I pop a bit of Vaseline on and then remove with a tissue. Works like a charm. 

Revlon Lipstick in Plum Love this shade for a bit of goth glam. It's a deep berry shade that looks great with a kohl-lined eye. One of my all time fave shades. 

Seventeen Shimmer Brick Like I need a bit more bronze! This is nice for a little shimmer when I'm in the mood. 

Do any of you lovelies have to wear a lot of make up for work? If not, do you wear it anyway? I bet you do. 

10 October 2013

Review: Jacava Passion

Passion, Jacava, £14.50*
On my birthday I got a lovely little package through my letterbox containing this Jacava nail polish. There was also a top coat but it got smashed in transit (insert sad face). 

I have to admit that despite my nail polish addiction and love of finding new brands Jacava isn't a brand that I have heard much about. For those of you who also know nothing about them, Jacava is a British brand that makes luxury nail polish free from "the big eight": DBP, camphor, formaldehyde, toluene, collophane, parabens, phthalates and animal ingredients. I can't honestly say that these ingredients have worried me before as I tend not to even look at the bottles I buy but now I'm aware of what's lurking in my polish I am thinking of taking a look at the nasties in detail (I'll let you know what I find out). 

You can currently buy Jacava polishes at AmazonFeel Unique and the Jacava website

Let's get down to business! Passion is a beautiful berry red which will be perfect for me to wear to work. I was pleasantly surprised by the formula of the polish; it applied like a dream and was opaque in one coat (I am wearing two in the pics). The finish is really glossy meaning you wouldn't have to wear a top coat. I have read mixed reviews on the longevity of the polish ranging from 2-5 days. I don't ever wear polish for more than two days anyway so I can't really comment on this.

At £14.50 Jacava polishes aren't cheap. I resent paying this much for polish but when I think of the amount I shell out for Chanel (up to £20 per pot) I suppose it doesn't seem too bad. Even more, when I think of the price of nails inc polishes, which I love but that chip within a day, £14.50 seems semi-reasonable. Even more reasonable for shade Blueberry Muffin - I'm obsessed!

How much would you spend on a nail polish?

9 October 2013

October Wish List

October is quite possibly my favourite month of the year. I may be a bit biased as it is my birth month but there are so many other things to love. Pumpkins, lattes, fingerless gloves, squash soup, coats, orange leaves, Hallowe'en, need I go on? 

Here's the wish list:

1. Trench, River Island, £80 I have tried many different shapes of coat but I find a nipped in waist suits my curves best. I like the length of this classic black one. 

2. Brush Cleanser, MAC, £10 I usually use baby shampoo which costs about a fifth of this MAC cleanser but this is by MAC and it's pink! So what if it's £10? 

3. Clutch Bag, Miss Selfridge, £24 The colour alone has me sold on this bag. The shape is cute and the gold hardware makes it pretty but that blue = yum!

4. Leopard Belt, Warehouse, £20 Love a bit of leopard print. This belt with a black dress and red lips = perfection. 

5. Sunglasses, Mango, £17.99 I have a slight obsession with reflective blue shades. These are a bargain. Another reason to love October - there is still some sun so no need to feel like a prat when you wear shades. Nothing better than shades in autumn.

6. Skull Ring, Story by Kranz and Ziegler, £45 I love skull motifs but hate them on clothes. Best way to wear? A ring of course. I would prefer this in gold but am thinking of mix-and-matching my metals so it could work in silver. 

7. Belt, Miguel Palacio for Hoss Intropia, £24 Who says a pineapple is just for summer? This is fun and fruity and I reckon I could make it work in autumn. Cheap too! 

8. Skirt, Miss Selfridge, £50 I have a weird obsession with skirts. I will write about this later and show you my collection of different textured skirts. This embellished number HAS to be mine! I'd style with a plain tee or cropped top. 

9. Leopard Court, Kurt Geiger, £295 These are a bit pricey for me but I frickin' love them. If I'm honest with myself I don't think I would be able to walk in them as the heel is so spindly. I would look at them lovingly all day though!

10. Ring, Bill Skinner, £60 With a middle name like Bee you can't expect me not to be attracted to all manner of bee things. This ring is not actually my style but it has a bee on it so I'll take it! 

11. Bag, Louis Vuitton, £2880 This is completely out of price range but being that it's my birthday month and all I expect all of my friends and family to club together to buy me this. Ha! I love that this looks old school, from the 80s or something. I would like the measurements of it as it looks a tad small in the pic but hey, I'll take it in any size. 

What are you lovely lot lusting after in October?

7 October 2013

Hipster Dreaming: The Kanken

I know, I know. I am a bit late to the Kanken. Now I've spotted this little lavender lovely on ASOS I am eager to jump on the nobby hipster bandwagon and buy it. I might even get a bike. Not really. I would be lethal on a bike. And not in a bizzle kind of way. 

Insta pics taken from @hexaedros @kiddult and @canvasjune
There are cool Kanken pics a plenty on Instagram. I particularly liked these three.

When bag crush met girl crush
If it's good enough for Zooey then it's good enough for me!

5 October 2013

NOTD: Kenzo Print

I was pretty proud of myself when I did these yesterday. I know I've done Kenzo nails before but I really like how these ones turned out. I even did my other hand so that I could sport them for my birthday. 

I have done a tutorial for this look on my new nail blog DahliaNails. If you are nail obsessed please check it out, you will love it! 

Shameless self promotion over. Let me know what you think of my birthday nails.

3 October 2013

September Beauty Buys

I'm always a bit shocked at the amount of beauty stuff I buy month on month. I think I might try one of those challenges where you have to use up all of your existing stuff before buying anything new. Maybe not. I can already tell that I will fail miserably. Anyway, I'm going off on one. Let's get down to business. 

I went on a little L'Oreal splurge. There must have been an offer on! I have to admit that I am quite lazy when it comes to buying cheap(ish) face products. I hate looking at the endless rows of stuff and tend to get sucked in by three for twos. This time I went for: 

Skin Perfection Purifying Gel Wash: Have only used this a couple of times. It seems to be a pretty bog standard face wash. No amazing transformation thus far but, as I said, I haven't used it all that much. 

Skin Perfection 15 Second Miracle Cleansing Oil: I have mixed feelings about this one. It works OK I suppose but I expected more. You splosh the oil onto your skin sans water, rub in for a bit, and then rinse off taking, in theory, all of your make up with it. That is unless you wear Benefit's They're Real mascara. It is officially the world's hardest mascara to remove. I still use a different eye make up remover and cleanser after this but it does the hard work. 

Skin Perfection Correcting Day Moisturiser: I really like this moisturiser. It isn't too greasy, sinks in to the skin nicely and smells delish. Thumbs up. 

The nail polish was purchased later in the month and is reviewed further down. 

Two pretty bog standard products here. The bane of my life is my Benefit mascara as it so bloody hard to get off. I find that these split removers work best for me as the oil breaks down water glue they put in there. Decided to give this Nivea one a go and it seems to be doing the job as usual. Takes two cotton pads per eye to fully remove all trace of make-up. 

I decided to try this Vaseline spray moisturiser as I am sooooo bad at body moisturising. This is actually quite nice. One problem which I also have with fake tan is that it gets all over my floor and I end up skidding around in it. Otherwise I am really enjoying this. 

I wrote about these H&M products here. Took the palette to Cannes and got on quite well with it. The shadow actually lasted a long time without creasing which surprised me. I haven't used the lip pens all that much as they don't have the staying power that I want from lip colour.

Jumped on the bblogging bandwagon and invested in a Baby Lips balm. Packaging is fun but not overly impressed with the actual product. I went for Pink Punch but the colour isn't great and the balm is a bit meh. Probably won't be re-buying. 

The Rimmel foundation is a re-buy. I usually HATE drugstore foundations and used to always recommend splashing out on your base. However, I am really enjoying Wake Me Up. I think it helps that the shade matches my skin perfectly but the formula is also really good for my skin. It is hydrating but not greasifying (is that a word?), and gives good coverage. At work I need to reapply after about 7 hours. 

Couldn't go a month without some new polish, especially with it being a new season and all. Went for four new models own shades: (L-R) Utopia, Nude Beige, Apple Pie, Blueberry Muffin; three new Barry Ms: Matte Crush, Matte Caramel, Berry Cosmo; one L'Oreal: Sequin Explosion. 

Am getting in to models own as my good friend J raves about them (we started a new nail blog dontcha know!). Not that I want to cheat on my beloved Barry M but Utopia is my new fave shade. I can't get enough of it. The formula for all of these is really good and all were opaque within two coats. 

I was eager to try the new matte shades from Barry M as I really like the finish. Crush is a gorgeous burgundy colour which is perfect for autumn. Caramel is an interesting shade which will work well as a matte or with a glossy top coat. My fave was the Berry Cosmo shade which has been added to the permanent collection. I will swatch properly later in the month. 

Tis the season for a bit of glitter. This L'Oreal one is great. It has silver, pink, green, and blue pieces of all different sizes. The coating is generous and will work well on its own or over a base colour. 

Sorry for the rambling post! Be sure to leave links to your monthly buys or faves below.