7 September 2013

The Liberace House of Crap

Why oh why do I have to work so close to H&M? This time I blame David Beckham. His 10ft face lured me in as I walked past. I managed to restrain myself from looking at the clothes and made a beeline for the make-up and jewellery. 

This gold chain was a no-brainer for me. I love a bit of gold and have been looking for a chunky chain for ages. I like that this one is a bit different from others I've seen; each link has little engrave lines making it look more delicate than some others on the market. 

The bracelet was a bit of a joke buy really. It reminded me of the gold bracelet that Joey gives Chandler in Friends. Anything that makes me smile has to be worth a fiver right? 

Other than the nail polishes and a couple of lippies I haven't really tried much H&M make-up. I steered clear of the nail polish this time (mainly because I have them all) and went for a pretty nude eyeshadow palette and two lip pens. I have wanted to try these sort of lip sticks for a while. Clinique's Chubby Sticks are top of my lip pen lust list but I thought I'd try these as a cheaper alternative. I went for Papaya Punch, a sheer peachy tone, and Million Dollar Lips, a bright but sheer red. 

Not sure what I expected for £2.99 a piece but I did think that these lip pens would've been a bit more pigmented. They feel more like a lip balm than a lipstick and have a short life on the lips as a result. 

Now that David Beckham has been removed from the H&M windows (probably by health and safety officials) I will be trying my hardest to avoid going back in. 

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  1. Love the million dollar lips! :)