23 September 2013

La Vie En Rose

the bluest sea I ever did see//no pooing poodles//beautiful moon in a beautiful sky
The boyf and I went on an impromptu holiday to Cannes last week. We had initially planned on going to Spain but neither of us had been to the south of France before and so decided to give it a go. We stayed in a budget hotel in the middle of town and had a right old relaxing time. 

the marina//palm obsessed//playing with flares #nofilter
Cannes wasn't as flashy as I thought it was going to be. Some parts were a bit uppity but the old town was lovely and the beach by the blvd du midi Jean Hibert was stunning. A little cove housing the most beautiful water I have seen in Europe. I could have stayed and looked at the water and the hills all day but, alas!, the boyf hates to sit still. 

antibes//man statue//reflecting ray-bans
One day we caught a train from just outside our hotel. Ten minutes later we were in sunny Antibes. We took a leisurely stroll around the massive harbour and then ventured into the old town for crepes. It was beautiful and less bustly than Cannes. We really enjoyed wandering around the cobbled streets and sitting in the park watching crazy dogs.

We went on another day trip. This time we ventured on the bus to Valbonne. We went on Friday to make the most of the vast street market. Stalls flooded every little street in the town with goods ranging from china to mushrooms and fruit to art. We adored Valbonne and would probably stay here next time we visit. The little streets were so typically French and there was fresh produce everywhere - something we struggled to find in Cannes. I even made a French feline friend. 

We had the best time in Cannes and the surrounding area. I would most definitely go back. Next time I want to explore a bit more: St Tropez, Monaco, Marseilles, and Menton. 

Have you been to Cannes or nearby? What did you think?


  1. The photos you took are so beautiful! They really capture the mood of the place

    1. Thanks Dora! It was a beautiful place. I am sad to be back in the real world! Emma.x

  2. That looks gorgeous! Some great shots too :) you lucky girl! xx


    1. Thanks! I was a lucky girl!! Unfortunately I am back to work tomorrow. The dream is over....for now! Emma.x

  3. Amazing photos! :)


  4. These are gorg pics, looks like you had an amazing time. Just came across this blog & happy i did. i'm now following & can't wait to see more! :)

    x leah symonne x


    1. Thank you! I did have an amazing time; am going through the holiday blues now! Love your blog too :) Emma.x