4 September 2013

Bubblegum Bitch

The cooler weather and shorter days are creeping in which can mean only one thing...autumn is upon us. I am sooooo excited as I frickin' love autumn. It is by far my most favouritest season. That being said, I have truly enjoyed having a summer this year. The warmth has made me feel a little bit better about not going on holiday but I am ready for the best weather ever which is bright, blinding sunshine with a chill in the air that calls for a scarf (it might not be quite that cold yet but it'll get there - I hope). 

I am excited about being able to wear autumn clothes as I am an awful summer dresser. One of the most exciting trends for me this autumn is the introduction of the colour pink as a seasonal staple. Not that I am a hugely girly-girl or anything but it makes a nice change from all the oxbloods and mustards of the past couple of years. 
This Simone Rocha coat is beautiful. If I were to shed out for a seasonal piece, it would probably be this. That spare £800 I had lying around has gone missing though so I may have to find a cheaper alternative. Zara have a pretty pale number with a similar cut to this which I may have to try on for size. 
I really love Miu Miu's AW13 collection and this bowling bag is so cute for the bubblegum look. I'm not sure on the price of this but, as with the coat, I feel it may be a little out of my league. 
Pink skirts are more wearable than the coat as they are not quite so in your face. I would balance these with a basic tee in white, black or grey and maybe a classic black court shoe. Loving the cut-out detailing around at the mo, makes these ladylike but in a fun, young way. 
As with most trends the easiest way to get on board is with a little nod on the nail. I went for pink confetti over Strawberry Ice Cream, both by Barry M. 

How are you guys feeling about pink this season? 

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