2 September 2013

August Beauty Buys

OK. My spending ban did not go 100% according to plan. However, in my defence, my skin decided to break out like crazy towards the end of the month and so I resorted to drastic action in an attempt to fix it. No I did not necessarily need to purchase 9 new nail polishes but what with the bad skin and everything I did need a little pick me up (or nine). The bronzer I needed as I had run out and everyone needs a new lipstick around this time of year. Right? 

Despite my flop at a total spending ban during August I'm not too disgusted with myself as I am really pleased with the majority of products and I didn't spend anything on clothes, bags, accessories etc so I still managed to save quite a bit. 
Chamomile Concentrate Anti-Blemish Masque £33; Control £15.00 both from Aesop
In an attempt to curb my breakouts I went for some Aesop products that I have wanted to try for a while. These seem to be the only products they have for blemishes so I decided to try the whole range! 

First up we have the chamomile masque. I have only tried this once but I really liked it. You smother it all over the face and neck and leave to harden for about 20mins. Then you rinse off with warm water. My skin actually felt better just after one use. Not so much completely cleared of blemishes just tighter pores and a healthier glow. 

Next up is the control. This is a little tube of lotion that is applied directly to blemishes to reduce redness. You can use as much as you want and can even apply over make up as it sinks in to the skin. I have used this for about a week and I cannot really see an improvement on the areas that I have used it. I'm not sure if, being all natural, it's a bit too gentle for my skin. This sounds bonkers as I have mentioned previously that I have really sensitive skin but when it comes to blemishes nothing seems to make them budge. 

Overall I'm a bit 50/50 with my Aesop goodies. I love the mask but not convinced with the little tube of Control. 
Exfoliant £17, Aveda
Aveda's Exfoliant is one of the first products I bought in August and I am not sure if it has been the route of my breakout. I have heard that products like this can make the skin worse before it gets better but I'm not sure. I think it is most likely that my darned hormones are to blame. Anyhoo, I digress. Despite thinking that this may have caused my blemishes I actually really like this product. With all natural ingredients it is gentle on my skin and smells amazing. It also makes my skin feel super clean. 

I won't go into this bunch too much as I wrote about the haul in my last post. I am loving the bronzer so much. It really suits my skin tone and doesn't look orangey at all. Will definitely be repurchasing. The lipstick is growing on me. Brutal is a lot darker than I had anticipated which is a bit disappointing. I thought more of the rich purple tone would come through once on the nail but you can barely see it once on. Nice and neutral is pretty. I think I will be doing some nail art with it soon. It's a really nice pink for this autumn. 
£4.49 each Superdrug
These were a bit of an impulse buy whilst I was waiting for my mum at Victoria station. Leave a girl waiting outside Superdrug for 45 mins and she will some out with nail polish! There was a 3for2 offer on so I went for these three summery beauties. I had been wanting to try Peppermint and Reggae Splash for ages as I am a tad obsessed with mint and peachy polishes. 

I tried the colours recently and was a little disappointed with the formula but think that my nails are more to blame! It took me three coats to get the colours looking completely streak free which is a bit excessive I feel. I like my colours opaque in two. Saying that the shine is really good and they last quite a while on the nail.

Set of four £2 Primark
No they aren't the best quality but I frickin' love these foursomes from Primark. My fave from this bunch is probably the purple actually as it is unlike anything else that I own. The other shades are cute too, especially for summer. The glitter packs a real punch as the pieces are really dense which gives a nice amount of coverage without too many coats. Overall really pleased with this little set. 

So there you go. Not even going to attempt another spending ban this month but I will certainly try and take it easy on the old purse strings. 

What have you been buying this month? Any miracle blemish treatments/products I should know about?

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