18 August 2013

Lunatic Fringe

sunglasses, Rayban; necklace, from a market stall; bag, Primark; nail polish, Barry M Station Road; lipstick, Chanel Inimitable; vest, Topshop; shorts, Zara
Not really sure what I was channelling with this outfit but I am trying to make the most of what sunshine we have left. The days are already starting to get a little bit chillier and, whilst I absolutely adore the autumn, I don't know if I am ready to give up the summer just yet. Although I am getting excited for autumn/winter clothes - they're my favourite. 

OK, I've decided that I was going for a bit of a trailer trash vibe with my short shorts from Zara and white fringed vest from good old Topshop. I paired the combo with flip flops (so not photo worthy!) for pure comfort. The last thing I want to be roaming the park in is a pair of heels. My little Primark bag is a bit crooked which annoys the OCD side of me no end but what do I really expect for £4? 

I picked up the gun necklace at a market near Brick Lane. If I'm honest, I'm not a huge market shopper but if I put my mind to it a bit more I think I would enjoy it as I like owning things that are a bit different.

The red lippie is my new Chanel which I shall review for you in depth at a later date. I am still reeling at Chanel for discontinuing 'Brilliant' which was the most perfect red for me but once I have calmed down a full review of Inimitable will come your way. Nail polish is the lovely Station Road by Barry M. It is from the textured range and has that sandy finish that divides opinion. I personally quite like it but I can see why others prefer smooth polishes. 

This might be my last summery outfit for a while as the colder weather creeps in but keep your peepers peeled for some yummy a/w clothes. 

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