23 August 2013

Topshop Make Up Mini Haul

My spending ban was going quite well until I decided to pop into Topshop for a new bronzer. I just couldn't resist having a little browse and ended up parting with £28 of my hard-earned cash. In my defence, I would probably have ended up buying more than the bronzer I needed no matter what shop I went into. It's just that Topshop have such cute packaging for their products I forgot that they are a tad pricier than my usual whimsical make up buys. I have an illness! 

Nice 'n' Neutral £5  Brutal £6
You can't enter the Make Up section of the Oxford Circus Topshop without seeing the massive wall of nail polish. For addicts like myself this is too much of a temptation to ignore. I ended up going for a pretty pale pink, Nice 'n' Neutral, and a deep matte aubergine, Brutal. I'm not sure how new the matte range of nail polishes are as I haven't visited the make up section for a while (for this exact reason) but I knew I had to give them a try. I went for contrasting shades that will work well for autumn. Swatches will no doubt follow very shortly. 

Nevada £8
I saw this sandy beige lippie and knew I had to have it. Now, if I'm being honest with myself I know that nude lips do not suit me but I thought I'd give Nevada a go as it looked so damn good on the model. Unfortunately a model I aint and this suited  me no more than any other nude lipstick I have ever tried. However I will wear it come winter with a nicely lined eye and some berry nails. Nevada will look really good on you if you have olive toned skin as it is a really warm nude. 

Sandcastle £9
Finally I found what I was looking for: the bronzer. I am naturally quite pale but I like to look bronzed all year round. I am really fussy when it comes to bronzer so was really pleased that Sandcastle was the perfect shade for me. It is a really nice shade; more of a natural tan colour than the kind of orangey-brown that I hate. At £9 this bronzer is quite reasonably priced too which made me happy. 

Overall I was disappointed with myself for not sticking 100% to my spending ban but with new make up like this I can't say I care too much. 

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  1. wow i'm jealous! the matte polish looks incredible and love the nude lippy on you
    Emma x