1 August 2013

Throwback Thursday: Chanel Khaki Collection

My first Throwback Thursday is for the Chanel Khaki collection that came out in 2010. I was so excited to get my hands on all three polishes when I turned up at Selfridges for Vogue's FNO that I turned a blind eye to the hefty price tag (£60 for three polishes? meh!). I am still loving the collection in 2013 - is it OK to keep polishes for that long? For £60 I will be keeping them until there isn't a drop left! Health hazard or not. 

My favourite has always been Khaki Vert. In all honesty I think I would have been content if I had just got my paws on this one as I very rarely wear the others, especially Khaki Brun. However, I like to have the option of all three!

In these pics I have used Rimmel's matte top coat which I love. I like the effect as it makes the colours even grungier giving a more unique look. 

I am always a bit disappointed with the quality of Chanel polishes as they chip so quickly, even with a couple of layers of top coat. However, their colours are just so beautiful that I fork out the money time and time again. Other than Barry M's Mushroom, there are so few copycats on the market that I have to head to the Chanel counter for a little luxurious treat every now and then. 

What old school nail polishes are you still loving?


  1. They are really such gorgeous colours! And hey, £60 for a little bit of Chanel? Not a bad deal in my eyes...;)
    Emma x

    1. I am glad you think so! Others called me insane but I knew they were worth it! Collectors items now. X