14 August 2013

Maybelline's Chalk Dust Four Ways

Since purchasing Maybelline's Chalk Dust a few months ago I am still completely obsessed with it. Before Chalk Dust I wasn't really in to glitter top coats but now I can't stop bloody buying them. None of them hold a torch to my beloved Maybelline though.

The black and white pieces are a combination of sizes which makes for a really interesting effect. The coverage of this polish is really good; the swatch above is just one coat. What I love most about this is that it works with every base colour to give different effects. 

I used four of my Topshop polishes to create the looks below. Peaches and Cream is a beautiful pastel orange shade which is lovely for summer. Parma Violet is my fave lilac shade. Gone Fishing is a pale minty green which, again, is lovely for summer and Threadbare is a pale, milky nude shade. I need to get some more Topshop shades as I really like the formula of these. Even the pale shades apply really easily with minimal streakage. 

Glitter fades are so easy to recreate but can look really striking. Here's how I did it:

1. Paint the nail with your base shade and wait to dry
2. Paint a big, thick blob of glitter across the top of the nail
3. Dry the brush on the side of the bottle and drag the thick blob down the nail. 

I usually do the fade unevenly with a bit of a longer point in the middle but you can drag the polish any way you want to. 

I hadn't really done triangles before but have always loved the way that they look so thought I'd give it a go. They were as easy as 1 2 3....4

1. Paint the nail with your chosen colour and wait to dry completely
2 Tape a triangle at the base of the nail (I just used regular masking tape)
3. Paint Chalk Dust over the top of the triangle and on to the masking tape 
4. Peel off the masking tape pretty much straight away to reveal your triangles

The masking tape I used was a bit tacky which smushed my base coat a bit. This probably wouldn't have happened if I had let the nails dry completely but I am impatient, what can I say. Using a top coat should even this out but you can use other tapes if you find they work better. 

This mani is pretty similar to the triangles so here goes: 

1. Paint the nail with your base polish and wait to dry
2. Tape half of the nail
3. Paint Chalk Dust on the exposed half
4. Remove the tape before the Chalk Dust dries

I like this one! 

Doing an accent nail is so easy with this top coat that I don't need to give y'all a tutorial. This look is simple but really effective and for impatient nail painters like me it's the perfect way to create a striking look. 

Have any of you tried L'Oreal's Confetti top coat? It looks incredibly similar but is apparently a bit sparser than the Maybelline version. What do you reckon? 


  1. I have the L'Oreal one and it is a little sparser, but I just add an extra coat! J x

    1. I think this one has chunkier flecks than the L'Oreal one too. I might have to buy it to compare. Emma.x

  2. Such useful techniques. I wouldn't use glitter on myself - maybe another colour, but these look really pretty!


    1. You could definitely use these techniques with different colours rather than glitters. I never used to like glitter polishes either but I seem to have regressed to my 13 year old self! Emma.x

  3. great tips! love the looks - might have to try some of these out myself :):)
    Emma x