3 August 2013

July Beauty Buys

I posted June's beauty buys a bit late last month so I'm getting July's out of the way nice and early. Went a little bit OTT on nail polish this month. I seriously don't know what's wrong with me, I just can't stop buying them. Other than purchasing a stupid amount of nail varnish I have been thoroughly enjoying the sunshine this month.I am really an Autumn kind of girl but it is nice having some heat to warm me bones. Only problem is my skin suffers as my make up doesn't really let it breathe in this weather. I should probably switch to a tinted moisturiser rather than full on foundation but I just can't give up my lovely full coverage.

One of the first things I bought last month was the Real Techniques Core Collection. I have wanted the collection for a while as they are so popular among the bblogging world. I picked mine up on Amazon for £17. I haven't actually tried the brushes yet as I am scared to mess them all up! As soon as I dive in I will review them for y'all. 

I mentioned last time that I have sensitive skin. Rather than try another expensive moisturiser I purchased the trusty Nivea Soft to get me through the month. I find this moisturiser perfect for night time as it's nourishing but not super oily. I don't tend to wear moisturiser under my make up as it slips and slides all over the place but a small blob of this mixed with my foundation works well. 

Being on a bit of a budget recently has left me without a decent perfume. Shopping in M&S I decided to check out their perfume section and came away with New York from Autograph. It is a fruity but sensual fragrance which only cost £8. It doesn't last very long on the skin but for £8 it's great for daily use.

I often wear red lipstick to work to make me look all profesh and that. Until the beginning of last month I was wearing Chanel's Brilliant which I picked up at Vogue's Fashion's Night Out a few years ago. I popped off to John Lewis to replace it but was told that it had been discontinued. Whaaaat?! It was the best red lipstick ever. As a replacement I bought Inimitable which is a lovely red but it's a tad too sparkly for my liking. 

Rebel was a complete impulse buy. I mainly purchased it because I had seen it on Callie Kazumi and became a little obsessed. I was a bit worried when I unpacked it as it does not look like a bright pinky-purple until it is on your lips. I have already received so many compliments when wearing it that I know I will be repurchasing. 

I will do proper reviews on both of these lipsticks in the near future so that you can get more of a feel for them. 

I'm not going to run through all of these as it would take bloody ages. Favourites of this bunch are NYC Lexington Yellow (top left) and Barry M Guava Gelly (Middle Left). Other than these I went a bit crazy in H&M as I was sucked in with their new packaging and bargainous box sets. Again, I will do some proper reviews of most of these later in the month. If you want to know the names of any in the meantime, let me know. 

I have imposed a spending ban on myself this month so will only be buying beauty products where necessary. As a result I may not be doing an August Beauty Buys but rather an August Favourites. That's providing I can resist the pull of all the new beauty products out there (Maybelline Baby Lips - ooohhh I'm already regretting this). 


  1. Are these all the polishes you bought this month?! Oh my, that's a fair amount! hahah Don't worry - you're not the only one with a spending ban, dear. I had a July one, but that went out the window as soon as the sales started.. Or the first time I hit Boots, but I'm praying that August will have me less excited about products. Slim chance, though hahah

    The Buffing brush from that collection is THE best brush ever! You're going to have to let me know if you share this sentiment!


    1. Yes!! It's an addiction. I think my ban is going to go down the drain too but I have started with the best intentions. I'll let you know how I get on with the brushes. I think tomorrow is the big day when I will actually start to use them. Emma.x

    2. Hahah don't worry - I understand :) Definitely not judging - I've already broken my August ban. I accidentally bought the Clarisonic yesterday. Oops...

  2. Great buys! x


  3. Wowww look at what you've been shopping! All those amazing polishes. Hope you love the RT core collection - it really is amazing
    Emma x

    1. Tried the brushes out today and already obsessed. I know everyone raves about the buffing brush but I am loving the detailing brush. Used with my concealer it covers EVERYTHING! x

  4. That's a lot of buys! You got some nice things :-) I would love to give the RT brushes a try.