12 August 2013

Home Tour: The Kitchen

I haven't done a home update in a while as not much has changed with our little project. We are still doing the bathroom but are nearly finished so I should hopefully have some before and afters for you soon. We are concentrating on one room at a time so as not to stretch our budget too thin but I can't stop buying cute things for different rooms. I am well and truly nesting. 

I would like you all to meet George. My very own royal baby! My mum bought him for me a little while after the birth of the future king hence why I christened him George. I had been wanting a Roberts radio for ages as I like having music on while I write/draw/paint my nails. A big thank you to my mum who purchased this as a mini house warming gift - I am in love with him! 

We don't really have a look that we are going for in our house. I suppose we are trying to keep in style with the house so quite classic but I just love kitsch things so it's all a bit mish-matched. We seem to have a weird obsession with bottles. And Parfait jars. These rustic bottles were picked up from random places. We didn't actually buy any of them they just sort of appeared in our home. The Kilner bottles are relatively cheap and a great way to store oils and things. 

Were I not quite so lazy I would love to go scouring charity shops and car boots for original tins but for now I have settled for repro. I got mine from Liberty for quite cheap. I think the most expensive was £8. I don't actually have anything in these at the mo but will definitely be using them at some point. I'm not sure if I will be using them all in the kitchen yet but we'll see. 

Like I said, I love a bit of kitsch and these egg cups are exactly what I mean. A pug-cup?! Don't mind if I do. The plates are generic ones from Ikea which came in a set. The colour is a gorgeous minty blue which fit with the more traditional side of our scheme. I adore these Fishs Eddy glasses. I got two: a dog one for the boyf and a cat one for me. I didn't realise until recently that the cat pictures don't match up with the words (ie. 'sit' and the cat is jumping or 'fetch' and the cat is sitting). Further investigation reveals that they are supposed to be like this as dogs are obedient and cats just don't give a sh**! Makes me love them even more (the glasses. And cats). 

Again, a few more kitsch bits scattered around. We were gifted the Buddah butter dish from our ex-flatmates. It's perfect! The little cow jug has never had milk in it as the idea of leaving milk out makes me want to vom but I just had to have it. Nelly is one of my favourite pieces in the kitchen. I picked her up in Liberty for about £15 - total bargain. We don't see many mason jars in the UK - at least I don't - although they are big in the US. I really liked this ceramic one for putting flowers or something in. 

I have read about creating your own picture wall and how you should measure everything out before you start hammering away like a mad man but I paid no attention. I just went for it. With fudging massive nails which I have since learnt are not quite necessary. I was quite pleased with myself. It looks random but coherent as all of the pics are food related. I have the picture wall bug now and will probably be creating them all over the place. 

So there's a little update on things in the kitchen. I will see what other delights I can let you in on. The next home post will, cross fingers, be about our finished bathroom. So excited to start painting. 

Any home ideas that you wish to share? Any boards on Pinterest (I spend hours browsing for pinspiration)?


  1. LOVE your little radio! kitchen's looking great! your ornaments are so cute and love the picture wall!
    Emma x

    1. Thanks! I am in love with my radio. The rest of the kitchen - cupboards etc - looks crap but my little George brightens my day! Emma.x