10 August 2013

August Wish List

As I have imposed a spending ban on myself this month a wish list is that little bit more torturous but I have done one nonetheless as I am a sucker for pain. 

1. Floral Jacket, £70 and matching Floral Shorts, £38, Oasis Oasis have had some great floral prints in this summer. I love this little short-suit and just wish that I had another wedding to wear it to. It'd look great with a basic white tee and heaps of tacky gold jewellery! Maybe some tan heels too. 

2. White Peep Toe Heels, £65, Office These shoes look so comfy for summer. I love wearing my ankle boots but I think you need a bit of airing in the hotter months. These are perfect for keeping feet cool in the heat. 

3. Star Studded Clutch, £12.99, New Look I am a bit obsessed with Anya Hindmarch but really cannot justifying splashing out at the moment. This little clutch from New Look is a dead ringer for some of the high end offerings from Hindmarch so I may have to break my ban for it :/ I love the star studs and beautiful shade of blue. Quick! Say something horrible about it before I run off to New Look! 

4. Baby Lips, £2.99, Maybelline I have to stop reading reviews on the Baby Lips range as it is proving impossible to find a bad word about them which in turn is making me need want them real bad. Has anyone tried them yet?

5. Beaded Clutch, £14, Matalan I am impartial to a little beaded bag and this one is super summery with its oranges and golds. I actually bought a little beaded bag recently in Primark so this probably isn't a necessity but it doesn't stop it from being oh-so-pretty. 

6. Jacket, £49.99, Mango I often overlook Mango for some reason but they have some fab pieces like this bright green jacket. The cut is really ladylike but the colour offsets any primness. A cute cover up for the impending Autumn.

7. Cropped Top, £42, Topshop Black was supposed to be big this summer but I was so excited by the sun making an appearance that I went all colourful. Now things are cooling down a little bit my extensive black wardrobe will be making a comeback and I think this top would make a lovely addition. £42 for a cropped top is a bit excessive but the detail on it is beautiful.

8. Make Up Bag, £15, Charlotte Tilbury (Selfridges) I've been looking for a new make up bag for a little while and as I love lips what better choice than this one from Charlotte Tilbury?! Plus it's a bargain so great for little penny pinchers like me. 

Not a huge list this month but enough to make me sad about my spending ban. Why do we torture ourselves so? On the plus side this month I will be rummaging through my stupid amount of clothes to cook up some new outfits which I will try to share with you all. 

What are you lusting after this August?

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