23 August 2013

Topshop Make Up Mini Haul

My spending ban was going quite well until I decided to pop into Topshop for a new bronzer. I just couldn't resist having a little browse and ended up parting with £28 of my hard-earned cash. In my defence, I would probably have ended up buying more than the bronzer I needed no matter what shop I went into. It's just that Topshop have such cute packaging for their products I forgot that they are a tad pricier than my usual whimsical make up buys. I have an illness! 

Nice 'n' Neutral £5  Brutal £6
You can't enter the Make Up section of the Oxford Circus Topshop without seeing the massive wall of nail polish. For addicts like myself this is too much of a temptation to ignore. I ended up going for a pretty pale pink, Nice 'n' Neutral, and a deep matte aubergine, Brutal. I'm not sure how new the matte range of nail polishes are as I haven't visited the make up section for a while (for this exact reason) but I knew I had to give them a try. I went for contrasting shades that will work well for autumn. Swatches will no doubt follow very shortly. 

Nevada £8
I saw this sandy beige lippie and knew I had to have it. Now, if I'm being honest with myself I know that nude lips do not suit me but I thought I'd give Nevada a go as it looked so damn good on the model. Unfortunately a model I aint and this suited  me no more than any other nude lipstick I have ever tried. However I will wear it come winter with a nicely lined eye and some berry nails. Nevada will look really good on you if you have olive toned skin as it is a really warm nude. 

Sandcastle £9
Finally I found what I was looking for: the bronzer. I am naturally quite pale but I like to look bronzed all year round. I am really fussy when it comes to bronzer so was really pleased that Sandcastle was the perfect shade for me. It is a really nice shade; more of a natural tan colour than the kind of orangey-brown that I hate. At £9 this bronzer is quite reasonably priced too which made me happy. 

Overall I was disappointed with myself for not sticking 100% to my spending ban but with new make up like this I can't say I care too much. 

18 August 2013

Lunatic Fringe

sunglasses, Rayban; necklace, from a market stall; bag, Primark; nail polish, Barry M Station Road; lipstick, Chanel Inimitable; vest, Topshop; shorts, Zara
Not really sure what I was channelling with this outfit but I am trying to make the most of what sunshine we have left. The days are already starting to get a little bit chillier and, whilst I absolutely adore the autumn, I don't know if I am ready to give up the summer just yet. Although I am getting excited for autumn/winter clothes - they're my favourite. 

OK, I've decided that I was going for a bit of a trailer trash vibe with my short shorts from Zara and white fringed vest from good old Topshop. I paired the combo with flip flops (so not photo worthy!) for pure comfort. The last thing I want to be roaming the park in is a pair of heels. My little Primark bag is a bit crooked which annoys the OCD side of me no end but what do I really expect for £4? 

I picked up the gun necklace at a market near Brick Lane. If I'm honest, I'm not a huge market shopper but if I put my mind to it a bit more I think I would enjoy it as I like owning things that are a bit different.

The red lippie is my new Chanel which I shall review for you in depth at a later date. I am still reeling at Chanel for discontinuing 'Brilliant' which was the most perfect red for me but once I have calmed down a full review of Inimitable will come your way. Nail polish is the lovely Station Road by Barry M. It is from the textured range and has that sandy finish that divides opinion. I personally quite like it but I can see why others prefer smooth polishes. 

This might be my last summery outfit for a while as the colder weather creeps in but keep your peepers peeled for some yummy a/w clothes. 

14 August 2013

Maybelline's Chalk Dust Four Ways

Since purchasing Maybelline's Chalk Dust a few months ago I am still completely obsessed with it. Before Chalk Dust I wasn't really in to glitter top coats but now I can't stop bloody buying them. None of them hold a torch to my beloved Maybelline though.

The black and white pieces are a combination of sizes which makes for a really interesting effect. The coverage of this polish is really good; the swatch above is just one coat. What I love most about this is that it works with every base colour to give different effects. 

I used four of my Topshop polishes to create the looks below. Peaches and Cream is a beautiful pastel orange shade which is lovely for summer. Parma Violet is my fave lilac shade. Gone Fishing is a pale minty green which, again, is lovely for summer and Threadbare is a pale, milky nude shade. I need to get some more Topshop shades as I really like the formula of these. Even the pale shades apply really easily with minimal streakage. 

Glitter fades are so easy to recreate but can look really striking. Here's how I did it:

1. Paint the nail with your base shade and wait to dry
2. Paint a big, thick blob of glitter across the top of the nail
3. Dry the brush on the side of the bottle and drag the thick blob down the nail. 

I usually do the fade unevenly with a bit of a longer point in the middle but you can drag the polish any way you want to. 

I hadn't really done triangles before but have always loved the way that they look so thought I'd give it a go. They were as easy as 1 2 3....4

1. Paint the nail with your chosen colour and wait to dry completely
2 Tape a triangle at the base of the nail (I just used regular masking tape)
3. Paint Chalk Dust over the top of the triangle and on to the masking tape 
4. Peel off the masking tape pretty much straight away to reveal your triangles

The masking tape I used was a bit tacky which smushed my base coat a bit. This probably wouldn't have happened if I had let the nails dry completely but I am impatient, what can I say. Using a top coat should even this out but you can use other tapes if you find they work better. 

This mani is pretty similar to the triangles so here goes: 

1. Paint the nail with your base polish and wait to dry
2. Tape half of the nail
3. Paint Chalk Dust on the exposed half
4. Remove the tape before the Chalk Dust dries

I like this one! 

Doing an accent nail is so easy with this top coat that I don't need to give y'all a tutorial. This look is simple but really effective and for impatient nail painters like me it's the perfect way to create a striking look. 

Have any of you tried L'Oreal's Confetti top coat? It looks incredibly similar but is apparently a bit sparser than the Maybelline version. What do you reckon? 

12 August 2013

Home Tour: The Kitchen

I haven't done a home update in a while as not much has changed with our little project. We are still doing the bathroom but are nearly finished so I should hopefully have some before and afters for you soon. We are concentrating on one room at a time so as not to stretch our budget too thin but I can't stop buying cute things for different rooms. I am well and truly nesting. 

I would like you all to meet George. My very own royal baby! My mum bought him for me a little while after the birth of the future king hence why I christened him George. I had been wanting a Roberts radio for ages as I like having music on while I write/draw/paint my nails. A big thank you to my mum who purchased this as a mini house warming gift - I am in love with him! 

We don't really have a look that we are going for in our house. I suppose we are trying to keep in style with the house so quite classic but I just love kitsch things so it's all a bit mish-matched. We seem to have a weird obsession with bottles. And Parfait jars. These rustic bottles were picked up from random places. We didn't actually buy any of them they just sort of appeared in our home. The Kilner bottles are relatively cheap and a great way to store oils and things. 

Were I not quite so lazy I would love to go scouring charity shops and car boots for original tins but for now I have settled for repro. I got mine from Liberty for quite cheap. I think the most expensive was £8. I don't actually have anything in these at the mo but will definitely be using them at some point. I'm not sure if I will be using them all in the kitchen yet but we'll see. 

Like I said, I love a bit of kitsch and these egg cups are exactly what I mean. A pug-cup?! Don't mind if I do. The plates are generic ones from Ikea which came in a set. The colour is a gorgeous minty blue which fit with the more traditional side of our scheme. I adore these Fishs Eddy glasses. I got two: a dog one for the boyf and a cat one for me. I didn't realise until recently that the cat pictures don't match up with the words (ie. 'sit' and the cat is jumping or 'fetch' and the cat is sitting). Further investigation reveals that they are supposed to be like this as dogs are obedient and cats just don't give a sh**! Makes me love them even more (the glasses. And cats). 

Again, a few more kitsch bits scattered around. We were gifted the Buddah butter dish from our ex-flatmates. It's perfect! The little cow jug has never had milk in it as the idea of leaving milk out makes me want to vom but I just had to have it. Nelly is one of my favourite pieces in the kitchen. I picked her up in Liberty for about £15 - total bargain. We don't see many mason jars in the UK - at least I don't - although they are big in the US. I really liked this ceramic one for putting flowers or something in. 

I have read about creating your own picture wall and how you should measure everything out before you start hammering away like a mad man but I paid no attention. I just went for it. With fudging massive nails which I have since learnt are not quite necessary. I was quite pleased with myself. It looks random but coherent as all of the pics are food related. I have the picture wall bug now and will probably be creating them all over the place. 

So there's a little update on things in the kitchen. I will see what other delights I can let you in on. The next home post will, cross fingers, be about our finished bathroom. So excited to start painting. 

Any home ideas that you wish to share? Any boards on Pinterest (I spend hours browsing for pinspiration)?

10 August 2013

August Wish List

As I have imposed a spending ban on myself this month a wish list is that little bit more torturous but I have done one nonetheless as I am a sucker for pain. 

1. Floral Jacket, £70 and matching Floral Shorts, £38, Oasis Oasis have had some great floral prints in this summer. I love this little short-suit and just wish that I had another wedding to wear it to. It'd look great with a basic white tee and heaps of tacky gold jewellery! Maybe some tan heels too. 

2. White Peep Toe Heels, £65, Office These shoes look so comfy for summer. I love wearing my ankle boots but I think you need a bit of airing in the hotter months. These are perfect for keeping feet cool in the heat. 

3. Star Studded Clutch, £12.99, New Look I am a bit obsessed with Anya Hindmarch but really cannot justifying splashing out at the moment. This little clutch from New Look is a dead ringer for some of the high end offerings from Hindmarch so I may have to break my ban for it :/ I love the star studs and beautiful shade of blue. Quick! Say something horrible about it before I run off to New Look! 

4. Baby Lips, £2.99, Maybelline I have to stop reading reviews on the Baby Lips range as it is proving impossible to find a bad word about them which in turn is making me need want them real bad. Has anyone tried them yet?

5. Beaded Clutch, £14, Matalan I am impartial to a little beaded bag and this one is super summery with its oranges and golds. I actually bought a little beaded bag recently in Primark so this probably isn't a necessity but it doesn't stop it from being oh-so-pretty. 

6. Jacket, £49.99, Mango I often overlook Mango for some reason but they have some fab pieces like this bright green jacket. The cut is really ladylike but the colour offsets any primness. A cute cover up for the impending Autumn.

7. Cropped Top, £42, Topshop Black was supposed to be big this summer but I was so excited by the sun making an appearance that I went all colourful. Now things are cooling down a little bit my extensive black wardrobe will be making a comeback and I think this top would make a lovely addition. £42 for a cropped top is a bit excessive but the detail on it is beautiful.

8. Make Up Bag, £15, Charlotte Tilbury (Selfridges) I've been looking for a new make up bag for a little while and as I love lips what better choice than this one from Charlotte Tilbury?! Plus it's a bargain so great for little penny pinchers like me. 

Not a huge list this month but enough to make me sad about my spending ban. Why do we torture ourselves so? On the plus side this month I will be rummaging through my stupid amount of clothes to cook up some new outfits which I will try to share with you all. 

What are you lusting after this August?

8 August 2013

Mac Rebel Review

As promised in my last post I am here to give you a more in-depth review of Mac's Rebel lipstick. This was purchased on such a whim which is a bit ridiculous considering it cost £15.00 but I am so glad I got it. I had seen Rebel here and there on other blogs so I kind of knew what the shade was like but I shat myself when I opened the little bullet. It looks so dark! I started to think I had been duped by people taking flash photography but all was well when I tried it on. 

As you can see, Rebel is much lighter on the lip than in the tube. It is a pinky, purplish colour that looks good on nearly every skin tone. In fact I haven't seen this shade look bad on anybody. You can really build the colour as well to make it as light or dark as you'd like. This lippie also has real staying power. When I first wore it I was talking almost non-stop for about five hours before it started to wear off. It does tend to slip a bit more as I eat and drink but it is by far the best lipstick I have ever had in terms of not budging. This can get a bit tricky when you try to remove it as it really stains the lips, especially the outside, leaving that lovely (not) lip liner look. 

I will definitely be trying some more MAC lipsticks as I was so impressed with Rebel. Next on the list is Ruby Woo. Do you guys recommend any other colours?

3 August 2013

July Beauty Buys

I posted June's beauty buys a bit late last month so I'm getting July's out of the way nice and early. Went a little bit OTT on nail polish this month. I seriously don't know what's wrong with me, I just can't stop buying them. Other than purchasing a stupid amount of nail varnish I have been thoroughly enjoying the sunshine this month.I am really an Autumn kind of girl but it is nice having some heat to warm me bones. Only problem is my skin suffers as my make up doesn't really let it breathe in this weather. I should probably switch to a tinted moisturiser rather than full on foundation but I just can't give up my lovely full coverage.

One of the first things I bought last month was the Real Techniques Core Collection. I have wanted the collection for a while as they are so popular among the bblogging world. I picked mine up on Amazon for £17. I haven't actually tried the brushes yet as I am scared to mess them all up! As soon as I dive in I will review them for y'all. 

I mentioned last time that I have sensitive skin. Rather than try another expensive moisturiser I purchased the trusty Nivea Soft to get me through the month. I find this moisturiser perfect for night time as it's nourishing but not super oily. I don't tend to wear moisturiser under my make up as it slips and slides all over the place but a small blob of this mixed with my foundation works well. 

Being on a bit of a budget recently has left me without a decent perfume. Shopping in M&S I decided to check out their perfume section and came away with New York from Autograph. It is a fruity but sensual fragrance which only cost £8. It doesn't last very long on the skin but for £8 it's great for daily use.

I often wear red lipstick to work to make me look all profesh and that. Until the beginning of last month I was wearing Chanel's Brilliant which I picked up at Vogue's Fashion's Night Out a few years ago. I popped off to John Lewis to replace it but was told that it had been discontinued. Whaaaat?! It was the best red lipstick ever. As a replacement I bought Inimitable which is a lovely red but it's a tad too sparkly for my liking. 

Rebel was a complete impulse buy. I mainly purchased it because I had seen it on Callie Kazumi and became a little obsessed. I was a bit worried when I unpacked it as it does not look like a bright pinky-purple until it is on your lips. I have already received so many compliments when wearing it that I know I will be repurchasing. 

I will do proper reviews on both of these lipsticks in the near future so that you can get more of a feel for them. 

I'm not going to run through all of these as it would take bloody ages. Favourites of this bunch are NYC Lexington Yellow (top left) and Barry M Guava Gelly (Middle Left). Other than these I went a bit crazy in H&M as I was sucked in with their new packaging and bargainous box sets. Again, I will do some proper reviews of most of these later in the month. If you want to know the names of any in the meantime, let me know. 

I have imposed a spending ban on myself this month so will only be buying beauty products where necessary. As a result I may not be doing an August Beauty Buys but rather an August Favourites. That's providing I can resist the pull of all the new beauty products out there (Maybelline Baby Lips - ooohhh I'm already regretting this). 

1 August 2013

Throwback Thursday: Chanel Khaki Collection

My first Throwback Thursday is for the Chanel Khaki collection that came out in 2010. I was so excited to get my hands on all three polishes when I turned up at Selfridges for Vogue's FNO that I turned a blind eye to the hefty price tag (£60 for three polishes? meh!). I am still loving the collection in 2013 - is it OK to keep polishes for that long? For £60 I will be keeping them until there isn't a drop left! Health hazard or not. 

My favourite has always been Khaki Vert. In all honesty I think I would have been content if I had just got my paws on this one as I very rarely wear the others, especially Khaki Brun. However, I like to have the option of all three!

In these pics I have used Rimmel's matte top coat which I love. I like the effect as it makes the colours even grungier giving a more unique look. 

I am always a bit disappointed with the quality of Chanel polishes as they chip so quickly, even with a couple of layers of top coat. However, their colours are just so beautiful that I fork out the money time and time again. Other than Barry M's Mushroom, there are so few copycats on the market that I have to head to the Chanel counter for a little luxurious treat every now and then. 

What old school nail polishes are you still loving?