5 July 2013

Welcome to the Jungle

I am obsessed with Kenzo at the moment. I know I might be a bit late on the whole tiger trend thing but I just can't get enough. The tiger jumper isn't even one of my favourite pieces from Kenzo. It's fun, true, but I am a leopard print whore and cannot stop lusting after the bright spots on offer. 

In a nod to the tiger trend I will happily accept this necklace as a mid-summer gift (that's a legitimate gift-giving occasion right?). I am in love with the Kenzo Vans and will happily accept them any time of the year! 

I pulled the products below from the Kenzo website but I'm pretty sure that most of them are now in the sale so you may need to be quick if you want to snap them up. 

I love this dress. I know that Topshop have done a sneaky camisole top with this print but it's not quite the same as this beautifully constructed dress. Sexy but fun it's the perfect piece for a summer night out. 

Although I'm not a trouser wearing kind of gal - my figure doesn't really suit them - I would consider converting for these dreamies. I just love the jumbo leopard print in this colour combo. 

This necklace is outrageous. 

Perfect way to introduce a bit of Kenzo leopard pop when you are on a budget. 

I might have accidentally purchased a Kenzo pouch in the sales. It was an impulse buy but I bloody adore it. For those of you who don't yet follow me on Instagram feast your peepers on this beauty: 

What brand do you have an inexplicable crush on? 


  1. I love this trend! That dress is probably my favorite!

    1. Me too! I love the dress. The purple and yellow are the perfect shades; not too in your face but still lovely and bright. x