18 July 2013

Those Lazy Hazy Crazy Days of Summer Shopping in Primark

Its a million degrees in London right now (this figure may not be 100% accurate) so what better way to spend the day than shopping in Primark? I actually hate shopping in Primark. The bargain hunters annoy me more than the actual shop - just because it's cheap there's no need to burrow through the clothes like an animal. Seriously, when did it become acceptable to throw clothes around? Anyway, I was in the Tottenham Court Road area so decided to pop in to the new(ish) Primarni and see how it compares to the nightmare that is the Oxford Street (near Marble Arch) branch. It was actually quite calm and composed. Not half as many people and still a good selection of stuff.

L-R: Kitten £5.00, Aztec £6.00, Bambi £6.00

Went a little crop top crazy during this visit. Wearability-wise my fave is the blue Aztec top. However, the kitten is by far my actual favourite as it is ridiculous. Can totally see myself wearing this around town this summer. The Bambi crop top is also slightly ridick but I love it. It's a bit more understated than the kitten but still probably not quite age appropriate. Ah well. 

Trainers £18.00, Sweater £6.00

I have wanted a pair of wedge trainers for a while now so jumped for joy when I found these in my size. Having got them home I have found it a bit difficult to squeeze my foot in but when it's settled in they are really comfortable. 

I have also wanted a burnout sweatshirt for a long time so, again, got a little bit excited when I found this one. It's really comfy and comes in various colours. I have already worn this a couple of times as it's great for rolling up in your handbag for the cooler evenings. 

Dress £14.00, Crop Top £6.00, Skirt £10.00

I usually get sucked in by the dresses in Primark which is a bit dangerous nowadays as they seem to have soared in price (£20 for a Primark dress is pricey, no?). On this trip I neatly bypassed the dresses and headed for the jersey tops. Unfortunately I spotted this cute denim number in the, er, denim section. Shite. Denim+Lace=sucked in. I also found the cute studded skirt which is also made of a very very lightweight denim. The cropped top is a tad mental but I love it! 

Nail Polish Set £2.00

I never ever steer clear of the nail polishes in Primark as they are such good value. I picked up this set of littluns for a mere 200 pennies. I had really wanted the blue ombre set as seen here but they were completely sold out. I also picked up a nail buffer for £1. I like having these sorts of files in my handbag but tend to ruin them so I don't like to spend too much on new ones. 

Swatches for you lovely nail polish fans. I really like the paler pink. It reminds me of Barry M's Pink Flamingo - one of my all time faves. I'm a bit obsessed with glitter polishes at the mo too so I like that this set came with one. 

I also bought a couple of necklaces which you can see in the top photo. They are cute and cheap (£2.00 each) and in my favourite kind of tacky gold. 

Have any of you splurged in Primark recently? Or anywhere else for that matter?


  1. ooh must get to primark! love the little denim skirt
    Emma x

    1. It's a dangerous place! The skirt is perfect for this heat as it's really light. X