14 July 2013

June Beauty Buys

My skin has become super sensitive as I've got older which is highly annoying when it comes to buying beauty products. Sometimes I will buy a product to try and never use it again (£70 worth of Dermalogica products. Ouch!). Other times I'll be using something faithfully (Botanics sensitive moisturiser) and my skin will explode into a rash. Hating sensitive skin. Doesn't stop me buying things though! 

First up we have Botanics Soothing Eye Make Up Remover. I tend to wear mascaras that don't budge. At the moment I am using Benefit's 'They're Real' and I find that I need an oily eye make up remover to shift it at the end of the day. This Botanics product is great for the sensitive area around my eyes as it takes off my clumpy mascara without stinging my skin. 

Next is Soap & Glory's Clean On Me. I adore this shower gel. The smell is immense and it really sinks into the skin. It's quite a feminine smell so not a product to share with the boys (do we ever?). It's hard to get excited over a shower gel but I truly recommend this as it's perfect. It is a little bit pricier than your standard shower gel but it lasts for ages. 

In May I was using B. Micellar Water. I quite liked it so there was no reason to switch but I fancied trying L'Oreal's 3in1 Micellar Solution. To be honest I haven't noticed too much of a difference between this and the B. product. I do, however, quite like the micellar solutions for removing make up. If you want a bit more info on these solutions, read this

Always love a bit of dry shampoo. I tend to buy Batiste as I have tried other brands and they just don't work as well for my hair. This time around I went for the Coconut and Exotic Tropical version which has been interesting! I like the scent but it seems way more powdery than the other versions I have tried. My bedroom is covered with a thin layer of dry shampoo which is a bit grim. 

Make up wise I only bought a few things. I restocked Garnier's BB Cream in light as I like the base it creates under my foundation. I needed a new powder so thought I would try this one from B. in 152 Light/Medium. Not a huge fan to be honest. It is a bit cakey for my liking and slightly too dark for my skin. Last up is one of my new fave lippies. M&S Limited Collection Melba Blush is a gorgeous coral shade which is perfect for this warm weather we are enjoying. 

Nail polish-wise I went for five new Barry M's, a Primarni special boxset, and an MUA. 

Barry M's from left to right: Mango Gelly, Guava Gelly, Yellow Limited Edition, Green Limited Edition, Marshmallow Confetti. I will do a proper review of these for you soon. 

The Primark duo was a bargain at about £2.50. It is a graffiti set with a white base and a pinky glitter. Didn't wear them for too long but from past experience Primark polishes don't last too badly. With a good top coat they will obviously last you longer. 

This MUA shade is Pistachio Ice Cream and is probably my favourite of the bunch (we all know how much I love a minty polish).  For £1 these polishes are insanely good value. I am loving the new bottles - they look exactly like mini Essies. 

If you guys have any recommendations for me I will be happy to try them out. I will be eternally grateful for any miracle products, products for sensitive skin or (shh, don't tell the boyf) new nail polish brands.


  1. Hey, I share you issue with sensitive skin - it's a total nightmare! The best eye-make up removers I've found are Johnson's Face Care for waterproof stuff, or Clinique - the former suits my budget better though. I found the Botanics stuff made my eyes sting. Totally with you on the Batiste issue; nothing else works like it:)

    1. I think I tried the Johnson's one a little while ago but it didn't work well for me :( Sensitive skin is insane, it is so different on everybody. Might have to splurge to Clinique to see how I react with it. Loving your nails by the way:)x

    2. As a fellow sensitive skin sufferer I totally recommend Clinique's eye makeup remover! It's so great and doesn't sting or irritate :)
      Emma x

    3. Hmmm. Another Clinique recommendation - will have to try when my Botanics one runs out. Thanks for the advise girls! x

  2. nice products <3 your blog is very lovely and interesting. im glad if you visit my blog, too <3 keep in touch!


  3. hey just found your blog...loved it...how about following each other