12 July 2013

July Wish List

Praise the Heavens! The Sun has arrived and I am back in the mood for spending my hard-earned moolah! What is it about the sunshine that makes us crave neon? Just me? I doubt it. Here's my wish list for the almost too hot(?) July....

1. Dress, £38, In Love With Fashion Love this dress. For someone who doesn't like to show my arms (they are too white for the human retina to process) this dress is perfect. The muted print creates a nice little boob tube while the sheer black top hides my pasty upper-arms. 

2. Sunglasses, £39, &Other Stories Watching The Voice this year and fawning over Will.I.Am has got me craving some cool sunglasses. These funky little numbers are perfect for the new international rap star look that I'm currently going for. 

3. (More) Sunglasses, £75, Sheriff & Cherry Not sure if they are worth £75 but I love the green lenses in these sunspecs. 

4. (And even more) Sunglasses, £12, ASOS  OK I am just a little bit obsessed with sunnies at the moment. I love these ones for the nude half frames. Classy looking!

5. Lion Earrings, £7.50, Dollface London I haven't heard of this brand before but these earrings are INSANIA! I adore them. 

6. Bag, £25, Danielle Nicole for House of Fraser I just love the colour of this cute little bag. I am a bit in love with orange at the moment but can't commit to wearing it all over as it doesn't suit my skin tone. Accessories like this are perfect for adding a little citrus pop to my wardrobe. 

7. Top, £12.99, H&M Neon for summer - yay! Can see this with some nice monochrome striped jeans. Or maybe some camo jeans. Mmm neon and camo. 

8. Queen Victoria Street Nail Polish, £11, Nails Inc Must. Stop. Buying. Nail polish. 

9. Skirt, £30, Topshop Again with the neon. This lime green skirt is fabulous for summer. The length is perfect for bare legs. I'm not sure that the higher waist will flatter my wide hips but who cares? Certainly not me. 

10. Cat Face Tee, £120, Markus Lupfer I adore Markus Lupfer but I'm not sure that I can justify spending £120 on a t-shirt just because it has whiskers and cat ears on it. Can I???

11. Shorts, £11, Primark Absolutely adore the print on these shorts. Think I feel a tribal nail art coming on. 

12. Shoes, £58, Schuh I was looking for a pair of shoes like this a little while ago for a wedding. Don't really need them now but still craving some bright yellow suedes for my tootsies. 

13. Trousers, £13, Primark How amazing is this print? I love it these trousers but I saw them in person and don't think I am brave enough to wear them out. I did, however, buy the crop top version in bright orange. Watch this space for pis. 

14. Bikini, £32, Urban Outfitters Still no holiday plans lined up for this year but I adore this bikini so may just have to wear it around the garden. Yummy! 

So there you have it. Nothing majorly expensive on the wish list this month but some nice little pieces for the summer. 

What are you lusting after this month? Have you found any new brands worth checking out? 

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