29 July 2013

Never Make A Pretty Woman Your Wife

pics taken from AW13 Elle Collections
I don't tend to catch up on Autumn Winter trends until I pick up a copy of Elle Collections around this time of year. I like all of the trends to be condensed down for me in a manageable way so that I can take a day to digest everything and see which, if any, of the looks I will be buying in to. I haven't fully read the mag yet but have been unable to get past the spots on offer from Miu Miu as they remind me so much of one of my film heroines - Mrs Rachel Flax from Mermaids. 

pics found on Google images
With black polka dots on pale pink and blue backgrounds I can only imagine that Miuccia Prada is a huge fan of the film too. And what's not to love about Mrs Flax? She has a body to die for, hair volume to rival Amy Winehouse, and mad cooking skills (star shaped sandwiches and marshmallow kebabs). 

I wish that I could find a dress like the pink polka dot one in Mermaids but I have searched everywhere and it is nowhere to be found. Instead I may have to settle with some polka dot accessories in a nod to this trend. There are plenty of spotty accessories to choose from at the mo. The Vans Wayfarers are a particular fave along with the Oscar de la Renta courts. 

How cool would that Primark dress look with the ASOS cat eye sunnies? Hmmmm late summer day look me thinks. 

If in doubt I think I'll just go for a little on trend nail art to brighten up my look. 

Who are your screen heroes?

27 July 2013

Easy Blossom Nail Art Tutorial

While we still have a bit of summer left (hopefully) I thought I'd post this easy blossom nail art tutorial. I love it when spring gets its act together and cherry blossom starts sprouting up all over the shop. Pretty pretty. Blossom might be more of a spring thing but I think these nails work in summer too. 

I used 5 polishes in total: baby blue for the sky, bright pink, baby pink, and white for the the blossom, and a metallic kind of brown for the branches. I purchased these nail tools on Amazon but you can improvise with a normal paintbrush and a pin (bobble headed) if you don't have them. I also used a base and top coat to seal everything in. 

1. Start by painting the base colour. I used Nails Inc Portobello Road. I used two coats. 
2. Using a small brush paint as many or as little branches as you want. I used Models Own Stormy Night.
3. Using the dotting tool scatter some spots of the darker pink across the branches. I used Nails Inc Notting hill Gate. 
4. Again, use the dotting tool to add some paler pink spots. I used Barry M Strawberry Ice Cream. 
5. Lastly add some white dots to the look. I used Barry M White. Add a top coat and you're good to go. 

25 July 2013

What I Wore...To The Wedding

I have only had one wedding this year which I am a bit relieved about as it takes me so long to plan what to wear. Dressing for a wedding is different to other occasions because there are certain rules. You should ideally be wearing some sort of colour. White and black are both no-nos (both of which I have worn to previous weddings - you get frowned at a lot). Hats and fascinators are perfectly acceptable. Matchy-matchy is also good for weddings. I follow none of these guidelines for any other occasion so weddings are challenging for me. 

It took me a little while to find the perfect dress for this wedding. Being in the summer, a season that I cannot dress for at the best of times, I needed something that I wouldn't sweat up a storm in. I went in to Oasis looking for a different dress when I came across this lovely coral number. I fell in love with the lace top as it is just so pretty. It is quite a thick lace which makes it feel like it's worth the £85 price tag.

I love the sweetheart neckline covered with the beautiful lace but the cut-out back is my favourite part of the dress. I do not usually show my back but in this heat I need as much ventilation as possible!

belt:Topshop, bag:Mulberry, shoes:Next, sunglasses:Primark, lipstick:M&S, nail polish:2true

Now I know that I have mentioned no black but accessories don't count. I think. I hope, as I went all out on the black accs. I actually wore a black jacket too at first but it was far too hot to keep it on so I have omitted it from this post. 

I went matchy-matchy with the lipstick which worked well (M&S Melba Crush). I was going to wear a clashing lip colour but I couldn't think of the best colour - maybe bright pink? Instead I went for a little colour pop with my nails. This 2true shade is a lovely cornflower blue (shade20). Also went for a little colour pop with my sunnies. I love a mint green!

I always enjoy a good wedding. I usually cry no matter who the bride or groom are. If I don't all out bawl I get teary. Usually when the bride gets to the altar, during the vows, and during the dad's speech at the reception. Does anyone else have this problem?

22 July 2013

Summer Barry Ms

£3.99 each

Other than the Sequin Nail Effects I was a little obsessed by Barry M's summer offerings. I have always loved their Gelly range and the collection of colours this season were really great. I opted for Mango and Guava as I own very similar colours to the others in the range. While I was on a roll I thought I'd go fro some limited edition lovelies too. The green is from Superdrug and the yellow from Boots. At the time of purchasing there was an offer on in Superdrug which was, I think, spend over £6 and get the LE free. 

The limited edition yellow is a really buttery shade which I love. You need a couple of coats to get it opaque but it applies really nicely and lasts quite well on the nail. The green is a different story. I am wearing three coats in this pic and it still isn't opaque. It's a nice shade but a bit too transparent for my liking. I have heard similar stories about the pink and coral limited editions. The Gellies go on great as always. I think Guava was opaque in one coat but I always wear two for good measure. Super shiny as always and hard wearing. Worth the extra pound if you ask me. 

Dids me a little nail art with my new colours based on the lid of the limited editions. I am still a bit wobbly with free hand nail art but I enjoy doing it so I don't care! I also bought some confetti polishes but I will review them at a later date. 

For more nailsy bits head over to my nail account on Instagram (nailstagram?): stylemouthnails

18 July 2013

Those Lazy Hazy Crazy Days of Summer Shopping in Primark

Its a million degrees in London right now (this figure may not be 100% accurate) so what better way to spend the day than shopping in Primark? I actually hate shopping in Primark. The bargain hunters annoy me more than the actual shop - just because it's cheap there's no need to burrow through the clothes like an animal. Seriously, when did it become acceptable to throw clothes around? Anyway, I was in the Tottenham Court Road area so decided to pop in to the new(ish) Primarni and see how it compares to the nightmare that is the Oxford Street (near Marble Arch) branch. It was actually quite calm and composed. Not half as many people and still a good selection of stuff.

L-R: Kitten £5.00, Aztec £6.00, Bambi £6.00

Went a little crop top crazy during this visit. Wearability-wise my fave is the blue Aztec top. However, the kitten is by far my actual favourite as it is ridiculous. Can totally see myself wearing this around town this summer. The Bambi crop top is also slightly ridick but I love it. It's a bit more understated than the kitten but still probably not quite age appropriate. Ah well. 

Trainers £18.00, Sweater £6.00

I have wanted a pair of wedge trainers for a while now so jumped for joy when I found these in my size. Having got them home I have found it a bit difficult to squeeze my foot in but when it's settled in they are really comfortable. 

I have also wanted a burnout sweatshirt for a long time so, again, got a little bit excited when I found this one. It's really comfy and comes in various colours. I have already worn this a couple of times as it's great for rolling up in your handbag for the cooler evenings. 

Dress £14.00, Crop Top £6.00, Skirt £10.00

I usually get sucked in by the dresses in Primark which is a bit dangerous nowadays as they seem to have soared in price (£20 for a Primark dress is pricey, no?). On this trip I neatly bypassed the dresses and headed for the jersey tops. Unfortunately I spotted this cute denim number in the, er, denim section. Shite. Denim+Lace=sucked in. I also found the cute studded skirt which is also made of a very very lightweight denim. The cropped top is a tad mental but I love it! 

Nail Polish Set £2.00

I never ever steer clear of the nail polishes in Primark as they are such good value. I picked up this set of littluns for a mere 200 pennies. I had really wanted the blue ombre set as seen here but they were completely sold out. I also picked up a nail buffer for £1. I like having these sorts of files in my handbag but tend to ruin them so I don't like to spend too much on new ones. 

Swatches for you lovely nail polish fans. I really like the paler pink. It reminds me of Barry M's Pink Flamingo - one of my all time faves. I'm a bit obsessed with glitter polishes at the mo too so I like that this set came with one. 

I also bought a couple of necklaces which you can see in the top photo. They are cute and cheap (£2.00 each) and in my favourite kind of tacky gold. 

Have any of you splurged in Primark recently? Or anywhere else for that matter?

14 July 2013

June Beauty Buys

My skin has become super sensitive as I've got older which is highly annoying when it comes to buying beauty products. Sometimes I will buy a product to try and never use it again (£70 worth of Dermalogica products. Ouch!). Other times I'll be using something faithfully (Botanics sensitive moisturiser) and my skin will explode into a rash. Hating sensitive skin. Doesn't stop me buying things though! 

First up we have Botanics Soothing Eye Make Up Remover. I tend to wear mascaras that don't budge. At the moment I am using Benefit's 'They're Real' and I find that I need an oily eye make up remover to shift it at the end of the day. This Botanics product is great for the sensitive area around my eyes as it takes off my clumpy mascara without stinging my skin. 

Next is Soap & Glory's Clean On Me. I adore this shower gel. The smell is immense and it really sinks into the skin. It's quite a feminine smell so not a product to share with the boys (do we ever?). It's hard to get excited over a shower gel but I truly recommend this as it's perfect. It is a little bit pricier than your standard shower gel but it lasts for ages. 

In May I was using B. Micellar Water. I quite liked it so there was no reason to switch but I fancied trying L'Oreal's 3in1 Micellar Solution. To be honest I haven't noticed too much of a difference between this and the B. product. I do, however, quite like the micellar solutions for removing make up. If you want a bit more info on these solutions, read this

Always love a bit of dry shampoo. I tend to buy Batiste as I have tried other brands and they just don't work as well for my hair. This time around I went for the Coconut and Exotic Tropical version which has been interesting! I like the scent but it seems way more powdery than the other versions I have tried. My bedroom is covered with a thin layer of dry shampoo which is a bit grim. 

Make up wise I only bought a few things. I restocked Garnier's BB Cream in light as I like the base it creates under my foundation. I needed a new powder so thought I would try this one from B. in 152 Light/Medium. Not a huge fan to be honest. It is a bit cakey for my liking and slightly too dark for my skin. Last up is one of my new fave lippies. M&S Limited Collection Melba Blush is a gorgeous coral shade which is perfect for this warm weather we are enjoying. 

Nail polish-wise I went for five new Barry M's, a Primarni special boxset, and an MUA. 

Barry M's from left to right: Mango Gelly, Guava Gelly, Yellow Limited Edition, Green Limited Edition, Marshmallow Confetti. I will do a proper review of these for you soon. 

The Primark duo was a bargain at about £2.50. It is a graffiti set with a white base and a pinky glitter. Didn't wear them for too long but from past experience Primark polishes don't last too badly. With a good top coat they will obviously last you longer. 

This MUA shade is Pistachio Ice Cream and is probably my favourite of the bunch (we all know how much I love a minty polish).  For £1 these polishes are insanely good value. I am loving the new bottles - they look exactly like mini Essies. 

If you guys have any recommendations for me I will be happy to try them out. I will be eternally grateful for any miracle products, products for sensitive skin or (shh, don't tell the boyf) new nail polish brands.

12 July 2013

July Wish List

Praise the Heavens! The Sun has arrived and I am back in the mood for spending my hard-earned moolah! What is it about the sunshine that makes us crave neon? Just me? I doubt it. Here's my wish list for the almost too hot(?) July....

1. Dress, £38, In Love With Fashion Love this dress. For someone who doesn't like to show my arms (they are too white for the human retina to process) this dress is perfect. The muted print creates a nice little boob tube while the sheer black top hides my pasty upper-arms. 

2. Sunglasses, £39, &Other Stories Watching The Voice this year and fawning over Will.I.Am has got me craving some cool sunglasses. These funky little numbers are perfect for the new international rap star look that I'm currently going for. 

3. (More) Sunglasses, £75, Sheriff & Cherry Not sure if they are worth £75 but I love the green lenses in these sunspecs. 

4. (And even more) Sunglasses, £12, ASOS  OK I am just a little bit obsessed with sunnies at the moment. I love these ones for the nude half frames. Classy looking!

5. Lion Earrings, £7.50, Dollface London I haven't heard of this brand before but these earrings are INSANIA! I adore them. 

6. Bag, £25, Danielle Nicole for House of Fraser I just love the colour of this cute little bag. I am a bit in love with orange at the moment but can't commit to wearing it all over as it doesn't suit my skin tone. Accessories like this are perfect for adding a little citrus pop to my wardrobe. 

7. Top, £12.99, H&M Neon for summer - yay! Can see this with some nice monochrome striped jeans. Or maybe some camo jeans. Mmm neon and camo. 

8. Queen Victoria Street Nail Polish, £11, Nails Inc Must. Stop. Buying. Nail polish. 

9. Skirt, £30, Topshop Again with the neon. This lime green skirt is fabulous for summer. The length is perfect for bare legs. I'm not sure that the higher waist will flatter my wide hips but who cares? Certainly not me. 

10. Cat Face Tee, £120, Markus Lupfer I adore Markus Lupfer but I'm not sure that I can justify spending £120 on a t-shirt just because it has whiskers and cat ears on it. Can I???

11. Shorts, £11, Primark Absolutely adore the print on these shorts. Think I feel a tribal nail art coming on. 

12. Shoes, £58, Schuh I was looking for a pair of shoes like this a little while ago for a wedding. Don't really need them now but still craving some bright yellow suedes for my tootsies. 

13. Trousers, £13, Primark How amazing is this print? I love it these trousers but I saw them in person and don't think I am brave enough to wear them out. I did, however, buy the crop top version in bright orange. Watch this space for pis. 

14. Bikini, £32, Urban Outfitters Still no holiday plans lined up for this year but I adore this bikini so may just have to wear it around the garden. Yummy! 

So there you have it. Nothing majorly expensive on the wish list this month but some nice little pieces for the summer. 

What are you lusting after this month? Have you found any new brands worth checking out? 

8 July 2013

Models Own Mini Haul

I have heard some really good things about the Models Own Hed Kandi range so I popped into Boots a little while ago to check it out. Imagine my delight when I saw the range on offer - 3for2! I just had to buy a few things. I went for Hedonist and Bora Bora from the Hed Kandi range as well as this Artstix duo in Jade Stone and Snowflakes.

This picture doesn't do justice to Hedonist. I tried photographing it in all different kinds of light but my camera doesn't want to pick out the fluorescent tones. The shade is a neon pinky/red shade which is perfect for Summer Lovin' kind of nights. Bora Bora is a much more subtle polish with the tiniest little flecks of gold glitter. It is a really gentle glitter which works much better as a top coat over a colour rather than on its own. 

There were a few shades to choose from in the Artstix range but I went for the Jade Stone/Snowflakes combo as I love a mint shade. Snowflakes was a bit disappointing as I had to work really hard to get the flakes of glitter out. 

I did me a little glitter fade with Hedonist and Bora Bora which worked quite nicely. With the nail duo I just did a straight polish with a little glitter on my pinkie. 

I like the consistency of Models Own polishes and think that they are perfectly priced. Jade Stone is one of my new favourite shades. 

5 July 2013

Welcome to the Jungle

I am obsessed with Kenzo at the moment. I know I might be a bit late on the whole tiger trend thing but I just can't get enough. The tiger jumper isn't even one of my favourite pieces from Kenzo. It's fun, true, but I am a leopard print whore and cannot stop lusting after the bright spots on offer. 

In a nod to the tiger trend I will happily accept this necklace as a mid-summer gift (that's a legitimate gift-giving occasion right?). I am in love with the Kenzo Vans and will happily accept them any time of the year! 

I pulled the products below from the Kenzo website but I'm pretty sure that most of them are now in the sale so you may need to be quick if you want to snap them up. 

I love this dress. I know that Topshop have done a sneaky camisole top with this print but it's not quite the same as this beautifully constructed dress. Sexy but fun it's the perfect piece for a summer night out. 

Although I'm not a trouser wearing kind of gal - my figure doesn't really suit them - I would consider converting for these dreamies. I just love the jumbo leopard print in this colour combo. 

This necklace is outrageous. 

Perfect way to introduce a bit of Kenzo leopard pop when you are on a budget. 

I might have accidentally purchased a Kenzo pouch in the sales. It was an impulse buy but I bloody adore it. For those of you who don't yet follow me on Instagram feast your peepers on this beauty: 

What brand do you have an inexplicable crush on?