12 June 2013

The First Barbecue

The boyf bought a barbecue at the weekend. Just a cheapo one from trusty Argos as he has plans to build his own when we finally get around to doing up the garden. The Sun had been shining all week so it was only fair that we had clouds on our first barbecue. Thank you British summertime for allowing us to enjoy the barbecue from the comfort of our living room. Still it was our first barbecue in our new home so we weren't going to let a little thing like the threat of rain hold us back. 

I've mentioned this before but living with a chef certainly has its perks. I haven't eaten meat for fifteen years so I can be a bit of a challenge when it comes to barbecues. I usually get the usual suspects - Quorn burgers and sausages wrapped in a floury bun (I LOVE this combo so am not complaining at all) - but not with the boyf. He went all out and got some lovely mackerel for the barbie. Seasoned with home made spice mix and served with asparagus, lettuce, chickpea salad, and corn on the cob, it was perfection. 

First barbecue = success! It tasted sooooo good. 

On another note, I edited these photies using the ABeautifulMess app. I love the blog and so jumped at the chance to purchase the app. I have read some reviews complaining about the in-app purchases but I find you can create some fun photos using the basic package and have only bought one additional thing. Loving. 

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