19 June 2013

Easy Floral Sunglasses DIY

It seems that mid-June is the time for a spot of sunglasses DIY. Last year I posted an easy project for pearl sunnies which I still own and wear. This year I bring you my just-as-easy DIY for floral sunglasses. I have been obsessing over floral sunnies from D&G to Aldo since around March time but haven't had the motivation, or sunshine, to invest. When I saw a pack of flowery earrings in H&M I had an epiphany - why shell out for some floral sunglasses when I could make my own? 

I picked up the earrings for a bargainous £3.99 and stashed them away for this project. When it came time to actually use them I came across a teensy problem. The metal back was not just stuck on, it was embedded in the flower which meant I needed pliers to pull it out (the boyf did this for me as I actually sawed off the first one which nearly resulted in the loss of a finger). 

Other supplies were: sunglasses, £1 from Primark and superglue, £2 for a pack of two from Sainsbury's. 

I always buy cheap sunnies from Primark for my DIY projects. That way if they go wrong I won't feel gutted at having spent a lot. 

The basic actions needed for this are pull and stick. Pull the backs out of the earrings, pop some superglue on the back of the flower and on the frame of the sunglasses and stick together. I started in the corner and worked out. I didn't use all of the flowers as it was a bit much but you can use as many or as few as you fancy. 

As I mentioned in last year's post, I am quite impatient when it comes to this kind of thing. One of the flowers stuck really quickly which left me optimistic but the others were sliding around for a while. I just placed all of the flowers on where I wanted and set down to dry. I found holding them in place made them dry slower as I kept losing focus and moving them around. 

Easy Peasy! Another cute pair of sunglasses to add to my collection. Maybe I should start a business! 

Not quite D&G but a success nonetheless.  

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