19 June 2013

Easy Floral Sunglasses DIY

It seems that mid-June is the time for a spot of sunglasses DIY. Last year I posted an easy project for pearl sunnies which I still own and wear. This year I bring you my just-as-easy DIY for floral sunglasses. I have been obsessing over floral sunnies from D&G to Aldo since around March time but haven't had the motivation, or sunshine, to invest. When I saw a pack of flowery earrings in H&M I had an epiphany - why shell out for some floral sunglasses when I could make my own? 

I picked up the earrings for a bargainous £3.99 and stashed them away for this project. When it came time to actually use them I came across a teensy problem. The metal back was not just stuck on, it was embedded in the flower which meant I needed pliers to pull it out (the boyf did this for me as I actually sawed off the first one which nearly resulted in the loss of a finger). 

Other supplies were: sunglasses, £1 from Primark and superglue, £2 for a pack of two from Sainsbury's. 

I always buy cheap sunnies from Primark for my DIY projects. That way if they go wrong I won't feel gutted at having spent a lot. 

The basic actions needed for this are pull and stick. Pull the backs out of the earrings, pop some superglue on the back of the flower and on the frame of the sunglasses and stick together. I started in the corner and worked out. I didn't use all of the flowers as it was a bit much but you can use as many or as few as you fancy. 

As I mentioned in last year's post, I am quite impatient when it comes to this kind of thing. One of the flowers stuck really quickly which left me optimistic but the others were sliding around for a while. I just placed all of the flowers on where I wanted and set down to dry. I found holding them in place made them dry slower as I kept losing focus and moving them around. 

Easy Peasy! Another cute pair of sunglasses to add to my collection. Maybe I should start a business! 

Not quite D&G but a success nonetheless.  

15 June 2013

Happy Father's Day!

illustration by matt blease
Ten bad daughter points for me today for not sending my dad a Father's Day card. He has moved to France and I don't have his address - good enough excuse? Probably not. 

One of my earliest memories of my dad is him carrying me home from McDonald's on his shoulders. He made me laugh so hard that I wet myself. On his shoulders. Grosse. This story still makes me laugh. Not quite hard enough to wet myself. Just. 

Happy Father's Day dad. Love you. 

14 June 2013

June Wish List

I found it hard to pick some things for this month's wish list because the weather has been so shit temperamental. I just can't get fully in the mood for summer when it's cold and wet. I did manage to scrape a few things that I wouldn't mind into a list for y'all though. Feast your little beadies. 

1. Reggae Splash, £4.99, Kate Moss for Rimmel Salon Pro Just what I need. More nail polish. I love peachy shades and this one is perfect as it isn't too in your face. I don't own any of the Salon Pro range but I've heard good things about it. 

2. Lace Skirt, £440, Lover Still obsessing over pencil skirts. I can see this vibrant number with a white cropped top and yellow heels. Yummy colour clash. 

3. Leopard Swimsuit, £149, Pistol Panties It must have been sunny out when I picked this as it's a bit optimistic. Saying that it would be perfect for a holiday with denim cut-offs. 

4. Sunglasses, £75, Sheriff&Cherry More leopard print. This time in the form of some uber-cool sunnies. I find the wayfarer shape flatters most faces and the clear yellow frames add a nice twist. 

5. Travel Journal, £38, Louis Vuitton I am a bit of a stationery geek so obsess over stupid things like notebooks. This journal is really pretty with various illustrations and space for notes. 

6. Dress, £38, Dorothy Perkins My mind has been on wedding outfits this month as I try desperately to think of something to wear. This dress is really pretty; I love the colour and the white floral detail but it's a bit girlier than my usual style. Not sure if I could really pull it off. 

7. Dress, £525, Paper London This dress is more my style but, unfortunately, not really in my budget. It looks super slimming with the various panels and the colours all complement each other well. I don't know how flattering the top half of the dress would be on me but it wouldn't put me off buying it if I had the monies. 

8. Espadrilles, £320, Chanel More ridiculousness for my wish list. £320 for espadrilles?? But they're Chanel...No? 

9. Beaded Clutch, £35, Accessorize I have always loved the beaded bags from Accessorize. They are the perfect way to add interest to a simple outfit and they always look more expensive than they are. This one is great for summer holidays. 

Not my biggest wish list but I'm sure I will find lots more things for July when, cross fingers, the weather is scorchio! 

12 June 2013

The First Barbecue

The boyf bought a barbecue at the weekend. Just a cheapo one from trusty Argos as he has plans to build his own when we finally get around to doing up the garden. The Sun had been shining all week so it was only fair that we had clouds on our first barbecue. Thank you British summertime for allowing us to enjoy the barbecue from the comfort of our living room. Still it was our first barbecue in our new home so we weren't going to let a little thing like the threat of rain hold us back. 

I've mentioned this before but living with a chef certainly has its perks. I haven't eaten meat for fifteen years so I can be a bit of a challenge when it comes to barbecues. I usually get the usual suspects - Quorn burgers and sausages wrapped in a floury bun (I LOVE this combo so am not complaining at all) - but not with the boyf. He went all out and got some lovely mackerel for the barbie. Seasoned with home made spice mix and served with asparagus, lettuce, chickpea salad, and corn on the cob, it was perfection. 

First barbecue = success! It tasted sooooo good. 

On another note, I edited these photies using the ABeautifulMess app. I love the blog and so jumped at the chance to purchase the app. I have read some reviews complaining about the in-app purchases but I find you can create some fun photos using the basic package and have only bought one additional thing. Loving.