29 May 2013

What a Pickle(s)

Oh my gosh, would you look at who arrived in the post today....

So exciting. My last Marc by Marc iPhone case (Shorty) didn't fit my new phone and, as I had only had him for a few months, I took to Ebay to bag a  bargain. That's where I picked up Pickles, another Marc classic. I am in love. If you don't remember Shorty (I have forgotten where I blogged about him) he was a slinky black and white number. Pickles is an in-your-face neon yellow LAD with attitude. Boo-ya!

I used to be called Pickles by one of my high school besties so this phone case reminds me of some fun times. LOVE! 
Being from Ebay and super cheap I'm not convinced that Pickles is a genuine Marc by Marc product but the quality is exactly the same as my real one and I really couldn't justify spending another £40 on a phone case. I love Pickles but I already have my eye on the Rue case which is also on Ebay for a very reasonable £7. Too much?

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