27 May 2013

This Charming Life: Annina Vogel

photos from Annina Vogel website

I am a little bit obsessed with Annina Vogel and her mahoossive collection of vintage charms. I was walking past the counter in Liberty the other day and realised I had been ogling the little charms for waaaay too long. They are just so cute I couldn't help myself!

This is my favourite charm at the mo. It is available on the Liberty website so you can check it out. If only I had more funds this would be at the top of my shopping list. Look at his cute little purple eyes! 

LOVE this bracelet. It is so delicate and beautiful and expensive :( £6500???? Little bit out of my price range. I wonder if Primark do a similar one?! The antique gold chain on the bracelet is gorgeous and so unusual. One lucky lady will get to own this - bit sad it won't be me. 

image from Liberty website

This little fella is a bit more in my price range. Hooked up to a gold chain he would look super cute but I feel like he would need friends and then I would end up spending a fortune. 

I do actually have a charm bracelet from Thomas Sabo that I love but I don't wear all that often because it is silver and I tend to wear yellow gold jewellery now days. So really I need an Annina Vogel necklace don't I?? 

Do any of you own any Annina Vogel jewellery? Would you recommend it?

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