9 May 2013

So Mystic And Soulful. Oh, Vienna.

This weekend I went on a little city break to Vienna with the boyf, my dad, and my step-mum. We went to fulfil my gran's last wishes of being part-scattered in her homeland. Although the trip was taken to serve a serious purpose we enjoyed the city as much as possible and had a really good time. 

I have always had an affinity with the German language and culture due, I think, to being a quarter Austrian. I felt very much at home in Vienna; the people are super friendly and relaxed and the city itself is incredibly beautiful. I didn't speak as much German as I would have liked but I certainly had fun refreshing my memory of the language and learning some new words: 


Vienna is jam-packed full of museums so even if you don't think you are into art or history, there will be something for you to enjoy. I visited Belvedere and the Leopold as I am obsessed with Egon Schiele - probably my biggest influence art-wise. I really wanted to go to the fake art museum as it seemed interesting but it was closed on the day I strolled past. 

Natural History Museum/Parliament/Belvedere/Hundertwasser

We went to the Prater on Saturday evening. For some reason I felt like this funfair was from a bygone era. Maybe because I used so many darn filters on my phone it was like flipping through a book of old photies. My dad and step-mum went on the famous Ferris wheel but I am petrified of heights so if I do rides they need to be fast. I dragged the boyf onto a little roller-coaster which I don't think he enjoyed very much but I did. We had more fun taking photos though. 

Balloons/Swing/Ferris Wheel/Sweets

Sunday was dedicated to carrying my gran to the Viennese woods for her final resting place. Unfortunately we were told by the concierge that getting to the woods would take more than half a day  as they are actually situated quite a long way out of the city centre. The best course of action agreed by all was to take the tram to the end of the line in pretty Grinzing, get the bus to Kahlenberger and stroll up to Leopoldsberg. 

The view from Kahlenberger was spectacular. You can see the whole city spread before your eyes edged by the vast Danube. Pure beauty. 

Blue Danube/Haltestelle/Blumen Cart/Woodland

Vienna was perfect. I recommend it to anyone wanting a city break as it really has it all: cool eateries and hotels, art, museums, not-so-cool eateries, sprawling pavements, city bikes, strudels, Sachertorte, and the tastiest pretzels I've ever had. 

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